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I think I’m going to try to get back into the Cigar Game

The year was 2011. I was working at a company making way more money than I was worth. With a little extra cash, I got into high end cigars and whiskey for a solid 3 month stretch spanning April 2011 to June 2011. It was short lived, but also, an incredibly fun time in my life.


When I’d get home from work, I’d prop my feet up on my deck, slide into my chair, pour myself a glass of whisky on the rocks, put on some tunes and light up a cigar as I’d watch the sun slowly set over the horizon. It was something I really looked forward to, and it really helped me calm down after a stressful day.

I look back fondly on those times, and I was casually mentioning these times to co-worker at lunch yesterday about my cigar ritual, and he said that it sounded awesome.

“Why’d you stop?” he asked.

Cigars and whiskey aren’t the healthiest habits to indulge in, scigar2.jpgo I eventually chose to give it up amongst other reasons (girlfriend at the time hated it).

But recently, I’ve had the itch to step back into the Cigar Life. I love trying all different varieties, and the thrill of finding something that fits yo
ur budget and tastes. I love the sound of the cigar cutter as it makes it way through that first cut. I love the relaxation and the combination of smooth whiskey and soft music as you take in a beautiful sunset.

There’s truly nothing better in the world.



Wedding Season is Back

Ahhh sweet summa time.

The best time of the year for weddings. If you’re in your mid to late 20’s like myself, you’ll probably have a few weddings to attend this summer. Picking and choosing which weddings to attend may be tough, but I’ve already told you about my strategy for choosing which ones to go to.


My first wedding of the season 2 weeks ago and it was awesome. I love everything about weddings. The anticipation on the flight to the wedding. The Numerous beers/cocktails consumed in the airport. The meetup/reunion of old friends over brunch. The Wedding itself. The cocktail hour. The dinner. The reception. The After party. The Hangover. It’s all good.

The key is to pace yourself. Don’t come out of the gate too quick, or you’ll be down and out before the real party begins. Nobody wants to be that idiot who’s blackout during the wedding ceremony and passed out before/during dinner. Every wedding has that guy/girl. Don’t be like them. The key is to make it.

Now lets go have a season.

hell of a wedding season pal.jpg



Sunday Morning “Pick Me Up”

I stumbled across this old Gallery of a guy that got divorced, quit his job and took an 11,000 mile journey north on a motorcycle until the road stopped. Some of his pics are unreal.

The full gallery is here:

moto ride.jpg

The Bikes they used can be found here:

A while back, I found a similar blog where a guy quit his job and sailed from America to the Chilean Patagonia. He did a similar trip, but sailed to the tip of South America by himself.

His full gallery can be seen here:

rascal.jpg If you want to buy his boat, he’s selling it -and you can see more about it here:

These two photo galleries are absolutely remarkable. I strongly recommend taking a few minutes to go through each of them when you have a few minutes.These are the type of things that I love about the internet/ age of technology we live in. These trips wouldn’t be possible to experience online even 20 years ago. It’s amazing how far we’ve come, and it’s astonishing what some people are able to accomplish. Life is short and very precious, so enjoy the day my friend.

PS- If you liked this blog, you may be interested in reading my blog about people who lived out of their van.


Is wearing Raiden’s hat in public ever acceptable?

For those idiots out there who were deprived children and never played Mortal Kombat as a kid, this is Raiden:


As you can see, Raiden has a funny looking hat:


A buddy of mine has been recently married and he sent out a picture of him wearing a Raiden Hat to some weird ass Art festival that his wife dragged him too. He justified it as an acceptable thing to wear because he would be among thousands of crusty, granola filled hipsters. Needless to say, he was crucified by our text chain. He’ll probably be shitting blood well into next week, but that’s not the point of this blog.

My question to you is this: If you wear a Raiden Hat in public, you’ve given up on life right? There is no coming back from that. Once you’ve traveled down the road of a Raiden-hat toting, dad-bod rocking, middle aged approaching male, you have nothing positive going for you. That’s it and that’s all. The fat lady has sung her last note.

I feel kind of bad because his life is over. There is no coming back from the Raiden hat. I know how this story ends, and it isn’t pretty.

A few years from now, my Raiden hat buddy is going to be sitting alone at a pub at 11 am on a cold Tuesday in November wondering silently to himself “where did it all go so wrong?”.

I’ll tell you where it went so wrong. The answer is the day you decided wearing the Raiden hat in public was a good idea. I’m already dreading the day when we’re sitting in a bar reminiscing about the good ol’ pre-Raiden-hat days.

PS- The whole time I was writing this blog, all I could think about was “I’m a Lead Farmer, Mothafucka!”

leadfarmer leadfarmer2

Is my Wedding Attendant Theory Even Remotely Accurate?

wedding season is over
Picture this:

– You have 100 friends, and I ask you to rank them from 1-100 in the order of how much you like them.

– 1 is the person you like the least and 100 is your best friend. Higher the number= better the friend.

Salsa’s Wedding Attending Theory

Ranked 75-100 = Wouldn’t miss the wedding for the world. Your wedding could be in the Jungle and I’d  be there. Chance of Attending 99%

Ranked 50-75 = Very likely going to be there if I don’t have anything better going on. Chance of Attending 80%

Ranked 25-49 = I’ll go if it’s convenient, but I’ll be actively looking for an excuse not to. Chance of Attending 50%

Ranked 1-24 = Most likely not going unless there’s a good reason to. Chance of Attending 15%

The Dilemma:

Here’s my conundrum:  A person ranked 32 on that scale invites you to their wedding. Do you go?

The Back Story:

I had a friend that I knew really well about 10 years ago recently invite me to her wedding. Just me, no guest. Okay fine. I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I wouldn’t invite this person to my own wedding. As I stated above, if I ranked her on my friend score, she’d be about a 32/100. She’s not someone I don’t know at all, but we haven’t spoken in person in about 7 years, outside of one random NYE party and a few “happy birthday” texts. A good way to think of her is actually the true life ‘girl next door’ except not as hot as you’d hope she’d be. We went to the same middle/high schools way way back in the day but have lost touch since then.

My question is this: Am I an asshole because I don’t want to go to this wedding? Most of the time, I love weddings, they’re the best, but they do tend to leave a dent in the wallet. There’s time off, travel, hotel, rides, gifts, booze, parties, and all other shit to consider. In the past 6 months, I’ve been to 8 (yes 8) different weddings, 7 of which were out of state. It gets exhausting after a while. This particular wedding is likely just going to be your typical mid-size wedding with all the normal stuff. No extravagant destination, no huge reception, no real drama, etc. It’s just something that I have no interest in being a part in.

sorry not sorry

I’ve never been the guy to say no to a party, but this is the first time in a long time that I feel like it’s just not worth all the hassle. I feel really bad about sending back the invitation with the “regrets to inform” box checked and no legit excuse, but that’s what I just did. I’m planning on getting them a gift and moving on with my life, but I know down the line I’m going to be catching shit from her, my friends, and their families about why I didn’t show up to the wedding.

Am I still a jerk?

How would you handle this situation?

Let me know what you think on twitter @salsastoolie

Are you a podcast person?

I’m pretty curious about this subject. Do you listen to podcasts?

A few months ago the Podcast “Serial” absolutely blew up and the world of podcasting had suddenly became mainstream. People young and old were downloading podcasts for the first time. I’ve been listening to podcasts for the last 4 years because they’re great for killing time at work, the commute, and falling asleep.

Recently, I just started listening to a new(ish) podcast called “Startup” which is a podcast documenting every step of launching a startup business. Ironically his business is a podcast company. I’m about half way through the 14 episodes and it’s pretty captivating and surprisingly well done thus far.

If you’re new to the world of Podcasts, these are some of the Best to check out. I broke it down into 3 categories and ranked the top three according to my personal preference.

1. The Dan LeBatard Show- Honestly the best and most entertaining sports cast in the game.
2. The Dan Patrick Show-
3. SVP Russilo-
Honorable mention The Heard with Colin Cowherd- People hate Colin, but I don’t.

1. Serial- A podcast about a murder mystery
2. Startup- A podcast about starting up a podcast company
3. This American Life- American Stories from everyday people.

adam carolla
1. Howard Stern (not really a podcast)- but a great listen.
2. Adam Carolla
3. The Nerdist

I was actually invited to be on a buddies podcast the other day to talk about this blog and a couple of other things. It was pretty cool sitting in a real studio and shooting the shit, while seeing everything that goes on behind the curtain. I’m going to upload the link in a future blog if he’s okay with it.

His setup was very similar to this. Basic, but still awesome.

Long term, I’d love to get a podcast up and running for this site. I’m going through a couple concept ideas currently, but I want to make sure it’s something that’s entertaining. I’d also like to help promote some smaller lesser know podcasts made by any readers who are looking for more listeners. Send all your suggestions my way on Twitter @salsastoolie and I’ll write up a blog for you (free of charge-for now).


And if you’re sitting there reading this thinking that this is just a niche market type thing, I’d turn your attention to a podcast that’s slowly creeping it’s way up the charts. I’m talking about the Better Call Saul Insider podcast. THAT is the future of TV Entertainment whether you like it or not. Better Call Saul will probably go down as one of the better shows of our time, and that will only help the introduction of the next form of digital podcast content. Sometimes, I’m a damn visionary, and I can’t wait to revisit this blog in a few years to say “I told you so”.

bcs podcast