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Like it or not, Salsa Speaks is Now On Facebook.

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1st we were a blog that nobody knew about…

Then we got a twitter, and about 5 people found out about us….

Then we got a tumblr, and still only 5 people knew about us…

Then we went on our grind for the next year pumping out 150+ blogs and people started to take note. The blog got bigger, the voice got louder, the world began to listen.

…And for that, I thank you. I owe it all to you readers, and I appreciate each and every one of you. I really do.

With all this success, there’s always room to grow. I’m always looking for new eyes, new readers, new opinions, new opportunities, and new bloggers. Today, almost one year after starting the blog, we’ve finally joined the unstoppable juggernaut of social media: Facebook. That’s right, we’ve put up an Official Facebook Page.

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I’m not sure if it’s going to actually do anything, or how active I’ll be on there, but it’s just another medium to get the blog out to the masses. Why Facebook? Why Now? Facebook runs the God damn internet whether we like it or not. Everything flows through Facebook, and you’re doing yourself a dis-service if your not on there. So here we are.

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The truth is, is that I love blogging. Always have, always will. I’d blog if I had 0 readers. I’ve received┬ásome really good feedback and I’ve met some really cool people through this blog, so I’d like to keep it going and keep it growing.

You can visit our brand new Official Facebook Page Here

Official Press Release: Salsa hires a new Temp BurgerBumps

Big news in the blog world today.

Salsa has recently been in contact with longtime blogger BurgerBumps, currently the head blogger at & you can head on over to his site to see his prior work.

Burger brings a different element to the site. He has extensive experience in the world of podcasting, which is something that has eluded this site for far too long.

Burger is arguably the most seasoned of bloggers to join the salsa empire with a strong background work on multiple blogs including (the inspiration for this very blog). He’s actually been published on Barstool Philly 6 times between Sept 2013- Nov 2013 specializing in the realm of “Comments of the Week”.

You can read his Barstool blogs here (if the link works):

Burger will join Salsa as a 1099 Contractor with a few guest blogs here and there.

In other news, @AndThenBenSaid has decided to leave the company. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

We are still looking for a Full Time Blogger and a Blog Grader please contact me on twitter @salsastoolie if interested.
Updated Organization Chart:
Salsa Origanizational Chart press release Feb5

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE- Salsa Hires 3 New Bloggers

Today was an absolutely unprecedented day in the history of our Blog.

7:35 pm- We have extended offers to three bloggers that we hope will take to the next level.

First we have @AndThenBenSaid joining us from a relatively unknown background. He claims to have some of the best stories and plans to share them with us and the rest of the world as we embark on this blog journey together. For me, I knew @AndThenBenSaid had serious potential when i read his twitter bio that said:
“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”
These are the kind of swashbuckling motherfuckers we need here on our blog. We’re happy to have him and welcome him to the team.

In another surprising move, Salsa has extended an offer to our first female voice on the blog @rbdubs. We’re going to ease her into the blog scene here as she has tons of ideas for different weekly features. I quickly expect her to become a fan favorite if she preforms well. She has all the tools, and now she has the platform to see if she can find some of that blog magic. Time will tell with this wildcard, she could be the next Jenna Marbles, she could be the next Gracie Tracy (who?). Time will tell.

Finally, we have reached a settlement to add @Griz29 to our staff as well. This is one of our more controversial hires as he comes to us based solely on an outside recommendation with no prior blogging experience. I don’t know what to expect with this guy, as he seems to be a loose cannon. That said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Loose cannons win wars. I’m ride or die with this guy, and if it turns out to be a mistake, I’ll own that, but it won’t. Happy to have you @Griz29 welcome to the team.

In any event, just like last time, I’m going to give you an updated map of all the new faces here at SalsaSpeaks.

Salsa Origanizational Chart press release Jan15


It’s been quite the monumental weekend for the Salsa Man. You may remember when a few days back when I extended an opportunity to one of my fellow twitter followers (Nick P) to grade my blogs. Well Grade he did. he graded his fucking ass off for 3 whole blogs, and I finally decided that it was time. He approached me with an idea. He wanted a bigger role in the blog and mentioned that he may be interested in blogging about the ESPN Special 30 for 30 The U part 2.I saw the fire in his eyes, and knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I decided right then an there that this was our guy. this is THE guy.

I need you to take a moment, pause, and realize that this is a Monumental moment for the blog. Mon-u-men-tal. You are witnessing the first brick of the blogging empire being cemented.

In his time as a blog Grader, Nick P, was able to see the ins and outs of our organization, and it was clear from day one that he would be a perfect fit for the Blog. Without further adieu, i’d like to congratulate Nick P with his promotion to our brand New Chief Editor/Author.

Congrats Nick, and welcome to the team. With so many new face, i know it can be hard to keep track of bloggers, titles, etc. but FEAR NOT! I have included an organizational structure chart you can find below:

Salsa Origanizational Chart

PS- We are now accepting applications for a new Blog Grader. If this sounds like you, please contact @pwagon