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A while ago I came up with this idea

I have a lot of million dollar ideas, but the other day I was sitting at a bar and I turned around, and there it was! My idea from about 6 years back just hanging on the wall staring right back at me. “Fuck” I thought…There it is. Another wasted opportunity.


My idea: 5 hour energy drink vending machines. You put them in gas stations, strip clubs, bars, rest stops, and every office in the world. Buy the energy shots in bulk for a dollar a bottle and sell them for 3. Bing Bang Boom. Profit

The actual product: It was like a tiny gas station vending machine that looked like a metal safe, and it was about 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. It sold 5 hour energy’s, asprin, some small candy, condoms, cologne, and some other small gas-station type items. It was absolutely unreal. My idea. My millions. All gone to the creator of this beautiful machine.

I did some research, and I think the company is called Vengo, it’s like a digital vending machine, but it’s a cool concept. Basically: they have a touch screen interface, accept credit card payments, they focus on selling gas station type items, can hold up to 6 different items and a total of 100 things.They were actually on Shark Tank too. Here’s the pitch:

Getting 2 sharks on board always means you have an idea with some serious potential.

Time will tell if these guys succeed or fail, but I’ll be pulling for them.





The Future of Sports Television, Gambling, and Prop Bets

ipadYesterday I was browsing around sports talk radio when I came upon Darren Rovell who’s the business analyst for ESPN that casually mentioned a very intriguing idea.

He said that we need to have a live twitter game feed that you can move in a window to the side of the screen while you can scroll for content. Periscope uses a similar feature to this where you can “go live” and respond to questions in real time, but you get bombarded with trolls and dumb questions and lame crap. Having a live game feed where you could simultaneously browse what you wanted while watching the game would be an awesome tool to have going when there’s something big/newsworthy happening (think no-hitter, tie game few seconds left, amazing plays, etc.). As soon as technology is able to withstand that kinda of bandwidth use, we’ll start to see more streaming content on demand showing up on our social media. What Rovell mentioned that was so intriguing to me was the ability to charge for that viewing privilege. That is brilliant- charge a buck a game or whatever and that league will have a WINDFALL of cash. Everybody wins. People get cheap sports on demand, leagues get more money, advertisers get more eyeballs, twitter gets more hashtags. The best part, from a consumers perspective, is that I’m not shelling out $130-150 for the MLB network when I’d probably only actually want to pay for about 60 games because of my schedule. I’d never thought about charging on a per-game basis, but I love that Idea, and you could work some massive business deals for exclusive streaming rights with the different leagues.

I’m just spitballin** here, and I’ve already blogged about my solution for fixing the MLB, but hear me out on this. Legal Sports Gambling is coming. I don’t know how long it will take, but it will get here eventually. My guess is that it will be heavily regulated, but I’d expect it should arrive within the next 10 years. There’s just too much at stake for it not to become commonplace. Once legalized gambling is given the green light, the technology should be able to handle “live-betting” which will be the next wave of gambling degenerates. For those who don’t know, you can bet on much more than just the spread or the outcome of the game, because you’ll be able to bet on more things as they occur in real time. Once this type of betting hits the mainstream it’s going to catch on faster than a Yellowstone fire in the summer of ’88.

Currently, we have a battle going on between FanDuel, Draft Kings, and the US Court system to see what happens as we move forward into the era of daily fantasy sports and legalized sports gambling. These sites have discovered and exposed a goldmine of suckers (like me) that are just waiting to be exploited for capital gain. Daily Fantasy sites have built themselves into a BILLION dollar business in about 2 years by exploiting a loophole that essential allows gambling. I’m a strong believer that ‘where there is a market, there is a business’, and business always finds a way. Legal sports gambling is coming, people, and it can’t get here soon enough.

Just imagine the ability to bet on stuff like this in real time:

  • Will the next play be a “run” or a “pass”?
  • What will be the result of this batter “hit” “walk” “strikeout”?
  • Will Steph Curry score more or less than 15 in the first half?
  • Over under 40 points scored in the first quarter by both teams.
  • Who will score the first basket in this game?
  • What will the result of the coin toss be?
  • Over under total gametime of 3 hours 20 minutes.
  • and on, and on, and on.

The best part about the Superbowl is watching for your prop bets. Now picture the ability to have prop bets going for every game you watch and how much fun that would be.

**When I read “spitballin” to myself, this scene from First Kid popped in my head. Just an awesome visual and flawless execution from Sinbad.


PPS- If you enjoyed this blog, you may like this one where I discuss the future of technology and my thoughts on 10 years from now.





I Need to Start Slingin’ Merch

I read this article this morning about a dude who made $2,000,000 plus buck slinging shitty t-shirts on a site called

The basic idea behind the site is: you design a custom shirt, you market it, and if it sells, the site takes a percentage of the profits. It’s an interesting read if you have a few minutes. This dude was an early adopter, so he got rewarded before all the copycats came in and flooded the market.

I knew you could make some cash with some clever ideas and targeted marketing, but I had no clue t-shirt peddlers were coming up with that kind of coin. Shit, it may be time to enter the t-shirt game. After all, I’ve had ideas flowing out my asshole for months. If the Braves didn’t suck so much ass last year, I have no doubt that my custom Braves clothing line would have taken off. Only half kidding.

I just did a mock-up of two shirts myself. These were the first two design that popped into my skull. I must say, I’m pretty pleased with the results. The THUG LIFE/ Blog Life shirt at the bottom is just plain filthy. There’s nothing like that in the entire world, and I could sell the shit out of that shirt.

Blog Life is the only life I know. Here’s a sneak peak at my first two releases coming to my winter clothing line. Let me know what you think. Gotta go scrape.

Blog Life red black template Blog Life shirt template.

Burrito Vending Machines are a real thing?

A Burrito vending machine? Well that’s a stupid idea.

That said, it’s no secret that I love vending machines. I can’t explain it. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always liked them. Always have, always will.

It’s also no secret that I like Burritos. I still think Chipolte is overrated, but that doesn’t stop me from crushing one of their burritos once every two weeks or so.


When I heard of the burrito dispensing vending machine my ears perked right up. Don’t know how it works, and I really don’t care. These machines are perfect for offices, bars, gas stations, schools, and even movie theaters. A burrito for 5 dollars that tastes good?! Talk about a hole in one!Talk about a hole in one

Seriously, this is a great thing to put in little dive bars that don’t offer food, or close the kitchen at 10:00 pm. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted something to eat while waiting on an Uber to pick me up. Sure, you can tell your ride to stop at a fast food place on the way home, but that’s annoying and takes too much time. Give me a 90 second burrito, some warm chips, and guac after a few frosted pops, and I’m happier than a bird with a french fry.

burittobox1The magical burrito machine is called Burritobox and it’s been tweaked to perfection over the past few months in gas stations around the LA area. The machine looks like one of those giant redbox movie machines and can give you a hot burrito in 90 seconds. It also gives you warm chips and cool guacamole, sour cream, hot sauce and salsa. Apparently they re-stock the machines every day or two, which sounds difficult to sustain, but who am I to judge. I would never ever invest in this company, or this idea because the logistics are a nightmare when you consider everything that can and will go wrong with these machines.

At the end of the day, I love the idea. I’m an idea guy through and through, and I give them credit for actually having the balls to bring this to market. The only problem is that people  are absolutely technologically retarded and the people who eat at gas stations aren’t going to have the first clue on how to use these machines. Take, for example, my experience with those new age electronic coke machines I had just a few months back.

I’d love to try this thing out and do a food review for you, but that can’t happen because Burritobox isn’t going to tell anyone where the machines are going. Apparently they’ll be dropped in 15 cities pretty soon, but they’re not saying when or where. Get off your high horse Burritobox, y’all aren’t In-N-Out Burger, you freaking need some sort of marketing plan. You need bloggers like me to be able to find your stuff, so we can write blogs like this to promote your shit. Figure it the fuck out.Kevin Rudolf MTV's 2009 New Year's Eve Special at MTV Studios in Times Square - Arrivals New York City, USA - 31.12.08 Credit: (Mandatory): Patricia Schlein/

Upon further research, I’ve found out that the singer Kevin Rudolf is one of the co-founders of Burritobox, and suddenly it all makes sense. He’s not exactly the guy I want on my board of directors calling all the shots. No worries Kev, “Welcome to the World” was/is/will always be a banger tho.

Skarp Razor is suspended by KickStarter after raising more than 4 million dollars: Salsa Eats Crow

September 29th 2014:
“I can’t buy stock in these guys fast enough. Don’t let me down Skarp.”-Salsa

I always claimed to be a guy that could sniff out a good scam, but today I’ve been severely humbled. I’m eating a big ol slice of humble pie and it doesn’t taste very good.

Before we get into this, lets back track a little bit to get you up to speed on this Skarp Razor.

About two weeks ago, I wrote this glowing review of a revolutionary laser razor that was set to disrupt the entire shaving industry. Go back and check it out. Pretty cool right? I thought so. The razor went on to raise more than 4 million dollars in 2 weeks before KickStarter came in and promptly suspended the campaign because they didn’t have proof of a working prototype. That means everyone who backed the project will get a full refund and the project is cancelled forever.

Some dude on reddit with way too much time on his hands wrote this fascinating investigative post which called out all the flaws in the Skarp Razor. It does a great job explaining everything that was shady about the project. Shortly after his post started gaining attention the project was suspended and shut down on Kickstarter.

But guess what? The Skarp razor team just opened up a campaign on a similar ‘less-restrictive’ crowdfunding site called Indiegogo and people are still throwing money at them. How dumb is society today? “Oh that was a scam? Oh well, I still think it’s a cool idea- Here’s my money again!”


Now $300,000 ain’t no 4 mill… but money is money. That’ll still buy a few nice cars or boats for the Skarp crew to ride around in. It goes without saying, but if people are this brainless they deserve to be scammed out of their money.

I have officially ‘jumped the Skarp’ on funding any Kickstarter projects from here on out. High risk, low reward investments are not my cup o’ tea. Now cue the face Daymon, give me that face one more time!!


I’m all in on this new Skarp Laser Razor


I must admit that I am blown away by this new laser razor, and this thing looks like the real deal.

Check this out:

Apparently a lot of other people are impressed too. To date, it has already raised $1,500,000+ in funding and it’s just getting started. In the time it took me to write this blog, it raised another $100,000. That’s incredible.

You always hear about companies that want to “change the game”- and I truly believe that this company has the opportunity to do just that. If the product is well built, and works like they say it will- these things will absolutely cripple the current razor market.


The team behind this laser razor claims it leaves no scratches, no itch, no razor burn, no irritations, no cutting, and no irritation. Add that to the fact that you don’t need shaving cream, you wont need constant cartridge replacements, and it gives you the closest shave you can possibly get. That’s a winner all day every day every way.

Call me crazy, but I believe them. This is what the team looks like.


That’s important, because most of these Kickstarter projects are some young dweeb with a good idea, inferior product, and no idea how to actually run and scale a business. The guys behind this razor are old, they’re experts in their field, and they understand the business world.

Sure, the product may come out and it may be really shitty. There’s always a chance of that happening with Kickstarter projects, but if they do make this thing correctly- the sky is the limit for this company. Everyone on the planet uses razors in some way shape or form, and I could easily see this being a staple in everyone’s bathroom in just 3-5 years.

If I’m one of the big razor companies (Bic, Norelco, Braun, Gillette), or dollar shave club, I’m shitting in my pants right now, because the day of the personal laser razor is rapidly approaching with or without the Skarp razor leading the charge.

I can’t buy stock in these guys fast enough. Don’t let me down Skarp.

Why don’t Airport Strip Clubs Exist???

Go ahead and chalk this up as another million dollar idea from the Salsa Man.

How do Airport Strip Clubs not exist?

Mark my words, if Salsa ever hits it big, I would be doing everything in my power to make this dream of mine a reality. I’d start by putting these clubs in the 4 biggest airports in the US: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

This idea just seems like a no-brainer.

Most of the time, people are miserable in airports. I blogged about some reasons why last November.

Why not give these weary travelers a little place to “blow off” some steam?

Who typically does the most traveling? Business Men.

What do business men usually have? Money. (Corporate and personal funds)

Again, I feel like the idea is such a simple way to make a boatload of money while providing a great and convenient service to people all across the globe.

Steakhouse1I can see it now…

Now Open:

“The Landing Strip Steakhouse”Steakhouse2

(Did you catch the “Steakhouse” at first glance? No?? Okay good. This is just to fool your corporate payroll department when you fill out your expense reports. Don’t worry, Salsa’s got your back!)

Tagline: 3 hour layover at LAX? No worries! Just head over to concourse B and enjoy some double D’s with a glass of whisky neat…and if you’re feeling frisky just throw down some cash for a face full of dat ass!

hot chick gif3

$1,000,000 idea: Blog to Book (dot) Com

trash canThe truth is, I love to blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing an actual book for the past year or so. Eventually, I started writing my book but stopped after a while because I asked myself, “who’s actually going to read this?” My problem was that the idea for my book wasn’t specific enough and I also didn’t really have a target audience, so it would have been a waste of time to continue writing it.

It may come as a surprise to you, but I actually read a lot of books. I just happen to live right behind a used bookstore and an awesome Chinese food place, so I’ll hop over to the bookstore and grab a random book while I wait for my wonton soup. In my time, I’ve read a ton of shitty books. When I get to then end of a bad book, I think to myself “I could write something much more entertaining than that!”

brad not a great book

That was the initial inspiration of me trying to become an actual published author instead of just a minor league blogger.

So, I had this idea: What if I could turn my blog into a book? It already had different categories (left menu bar) and you could segment those into different chapters. The problem with converting a blog to a book, is that there are so many links, pictures, videos, and music incorporated into blogs that it doesn’t translate well to paper. The unique part of my idea would be to set up a simple ‘blog-like’ website with a writing template that only allows you to use things that are convertible to text and pictures. Anything that couldn’t be published, like YouTube videos, wouldn’t be able to be used in this template. Once you are finished writing, everything can be easily converted to a book (soft or hardback), with the click of a button.

I’d call the company Blog to Book (dot) Com: “Turning the Average Joe into a Published Pro”

Blog to book (dot) com would be the most efficient way for anyone to become an established author, without having to deal with the hassle of publishing companies. Everyone has so much knowledge and so much expertise in their field of work, but they may not have the ability to get their ideas and thoughts out to the masses. Blog to book (dot) com would solve that that problem for everyone by providing a simple platform for worldwide distribution.

When you tell people you’re a blogger, they laugh, assume you’re poor and take pity on you while they dismissively change the conversation to what they do. .

When you tell people you’re a writer/author, they’re impressed, and they’ll usually follow up with the question: “what do you write about”- if you have a published book, you can say, ” I write about _______ and its actually on Amazon right now. You should check it out.”

PS- Yes I realize that the actual site is currently some foreign site.There’s no reason I couldn’t call this idea something else like ‘blog to bookshelf’ or ‘blog to bookstore’ or ‘blogger to author’ etc. #ideasfordays

boo yah

PPS- This is just the latest and greatest idea I’ve cooked up. If you thirsty readers want more of my explosively creative mind– Feel free to check out my other innovative concepts just sitting out there waiting for someone to build them into the next Uber/ AirB&B

  1. MLB Amateur Silmulcast
  2. Tweet on a Tee
  3. The Toilet Desk
  4. Netflix Dating Service
  5. Insulting Fitness App
  6. A Yelp Review Company


Another Million Dollar Idea: A Yelp Review Company

This is just another chapter in my ongoing series of potentially Million Dollar Ideas:Below are a few of my past chapters

  1. MLB Amateur Silmulcast
  2. Tweet on a Tee
  3. The Toilet Desk
  4. Netflix Dating Service
  5. Insulting Fitness App



“Making your Business Sound Great Again”

The Inspiration: I don’t actively write yelp reviews, but i do read the shit out of them. They tell me where I need to go and what i need to eat when i’m visiting a foreign city. As a guy who travels a lot, I put a lot of stock in the reviews of the common folk. I trust the shit out of them. I won’t eat at a place if they have lower than 3/5 stars because It’s not worth the money, time, or hassle.

I’ve had this idea for a long time, but I was just thinking about it the other day when someone mentioned that all the reviews on IMDB are paid for and manipulated by the big movie companies. I’m not entirely sure about the validity of that claim, but I believe it.

My Idea is a simple one.

Compile a team of 30-50 people across the country to do really positive yelp reviews of restaurants and businesses. College kids, local people, friends, whoever. Just make sure that they’re reliable. Pay them a couple bucks per review.

Market the company to struggling business to boost their social media presence by providing a bunch of bullshit positive reviews.

It sounds simple, but it would present some logistical challenges. Just off the top of my head here are a few:

  1. You couldn’t just leave a chunk of reviews all at once or they’d get scrubbed, flagged, and the accounts would be suspended, so you ‘d have to design a system that allows you to space out the reviews over a period of time, so it wouldn’t raise any red flags.
  2. Location may be an issue. If its a small business in Atlanta, it wouldn’t make sense that a lot of people from all over the country are coming to this mom and pop doughnut shop. You’d have to find a way to find some local people.
  3. There’s obviously a lot more challenges many of which revolve around the ethics/legality of it all, but i won’t bore you by typing them out because it’s 1:00 am and I need to go to sleep.

I’m pretty there are companies out there that already do this type of thing, but I’ve never heard of them. If so,I’d be real interested to see their business model, and even more intrigued to see their financial statements. Feel free to tell me I’m a moron on twitter @SalsaStoolie (if you email me I won’t read it)

salsas yelp review company

10 Years from Now…

Sometimes it’s fun to think about where the world will be 10 years from now. 10 years ago, I got my first cell phone in 2005. It looked like this.


10 years ago, we couldn’t have dreamed of a single device that plays your music, movies, and internet and can fit in your pocket. Now I have an iPhone 6.

Here are things I see taking off in the next 10 years.

Drones– It’s no secret that I really like drones. They fascinate me with the wide range of things they can be used for. I really think as drones become more reliable, they’ll be used for delivery services, the filming industry, surveillance and security. We’re actually just scratching the surface for the use of these drones. The only thing that could be a roadblock is the government ruling on airspace on private property. I think we’ll see A LOT more drones in the coming years.


Smart/ Self Driving Cars– It’s no secret that Google and Tesla and Uber are dumping tons of money into advancing technology in motor vehicles. Smarts cars, or self driving cars have a potential to change the way everyone does business. They now have these sensors on cars that can detect objects and allow vehicles to drive themselves. I believe that every car will have built in WI-FI in just 10 years as well. Smart cars will completely change the transportation industry and I believe we are closer to self driving cars than people think.

self driving car

Robotic Weapons– With all the good things in advancements with technology and artificial intelligence I think that we are going to see a rise in the use of robotic weapons in warfare. This is a little uncomfortable to think about- but I think that once word gets around that any country is loading up on robotic weapons, I think we’re going to have an ‘arms race’ between all nations of the world to build up their robotic armies.

robotic weapons

Smart Homes– The smart watch has been a bit of a flop so far, but I think the smart watch is the first step towards the introduction of a smart house. A smart home will have A/C, heating ,sprinkler systems, diswashers, washers, lights, sounds, security systems, etc. all controlled on a timer/remote/watch/phone.


Cable Companies will be dead. We’re on our way there now with Netflix, Hulu, HBOgo, etc. In the future, I see individual channels being like a buffet, and you can pick out and pay for the ones you want. Further down the line, I see this changing you just buying subscriptions to certain shows and or sporting events.


Sporting events streaming online– with the cable companies collapsing, I think we’re going to see sporting events slowly transition to online streaming. The NFL is going to stream a game on yahoo this upcoming season, and that is just the tip of the iceberg for the online streaming business. Once the major sports jump from the networks to digital devices, the cable companies will be done.

sports streaming

Obviously these are just my humble predictions, but I will say that they next 10 years should bring along a lot of interesting advancements in society. It should be fun to watch.