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Every Dude Should Build a Music Playlist for Every Occasion

Every guy needs to have about 3-6 really solid music playlist to put on during any occasion. It blows my mind that more people don’t do this. Creating these lists on your iPod, Spotify or Pandora is fine, but I just chose to do it on YouTube, because it’s easy and you can access it from a computer anywhere without having to login to a specific service.

I started doing this a couple of years ago, and I’ve tweaked them a bunch over the years, but it’s worked out great. Each list I’ve made is about 25-50 really solid songs. Here are the recommended playlist occasions to build.

  1. The Date Night Playlist

    • This is the list of slow, smooth songs that you use (almost as background music) when you’re treating your girl to a nice steak dinner at the house, or you’re out on the deck talking about life, stargazing, and enjoying a glass of wine. Soft, slow, mellow songs are the night
  2. The Backyard Cookout Playlist

    • This is the list that you’ll be playing as you have a bunch of people over to grill up some dogs, burgers, or beer can chicken. This list needs to have a huge range of Hip-Hop (preferably old school), Top 40 radio songs (current and old), chick songs, country songs, R&B, and a bunch of 90’s, 80’s, 00’s top songs. The key here is to appeal to your crowd. This is one you’ll pop on during any occasion if you don’t know the audience very well.cookout pic
  3. The “Gangster” Playlist

    • This list is just straight Hip-Hop and rap. I keep my list primarily old school (like 90’s hip hop) because it has the most wide spread appeal. I was spoiled growing up in the ATL with such a wide variety of hip hop in my arsenal, but I also add some of the bigger hits during the 2000’s as well. I probably get more praise and love for my hip-hop playlist than anything else. I have a lot of trap music on this one as well. Stay away from a lot of the modern rap (after 2010) on this list- keep it old school and people will like it.omar
  4. The Vacation Playlist

    • This is the list of songs you play when your on a beach, sailing on a boat, sipping a margarita, etc. These are very easy going songs with good vibes all around. I have a lot rasta music, a little country, some smooth 80’s, and some great 90’s songs. Another list that’s very eclectic. You’ll know the people you’re vacationing with, so adjust this list according to your personal preferences.vacation
  5. The Gym Playlist

    • This is your personal hype list. Everyone has a little different tastes on what gets them hyped to lift, run, or hoop. Get the 30 or so songs that pump you up and make you want to run through a wall. This list is mostly just for you-not really one you share or play at parties. If you don’t know many good hype-up songs, ask your friends what their favorites are and you’ll get a good variety of answers and recommendations. Sometimes I play this list duing my morning shower to wake up and get hyped for the day.gym
  6. A “Catch All” Random playlist

    • This is just a spot for all those great songs that you like that may not exactly fit into one of the 5 categories listed above. This is another list that is primarily for you, so add stuff you really  like. Indie music, country music, jazz, classical, soundtrack music, or whatever else you really like. This list will be songs for any occasion, and should give you good vibes regardless of what song plays. This is your personal ‘any time anywhere’ list of songs.rando
  7. Bonus List- The “AMERICA” List

    • Since parties and vacations are usually centered around our national holiday’s, it’s always a good idea to have a list of some of the most patriotic songs out there. Everyone will love this list, especially on Memorial day, Labor day, and the 4th of July (which is one of the best holiday’s of the year). Obligatory link to my Tribute blog to American Flag Bikini.america the beautiful

PS-Bonus Points if you know what movie that “bro” in the feature pic is from. (Answer: Click here)


The Future of Sports Television, Gambling, and Prop Bets

ipadYesterday I was browsing around sports talk radio when I came upon Darren Rovell who’s the business analyst for ESPN that casually mentioned a very intriguing idea.

He said that we need to have a live twitter game feed that you can move in a window to the side of the screen while you can scroll for content. Periscope uses a similar feature to this where you can “go live” and respond to questions in real time, but you get bombarded with trolls and dumb questions and lame crap. Having a live game feed where you could simultaneously browse what you wanted while watching the game would be an awesome tool to have going when there’s something big/newsworthy happening (think no-hitter, tie game few seconds left, amazing plays, etc.). As soon as technology is able to withstand that kinda of bandwidth use, we’ll start to see more streaming content on demand showing up on our social media. What Rovell mentioned that was so intriguing to me was the ability to charge for that viewing privilege. That is brilliant- charge a buck a game or whatever and that league will have a WINDFALL of cash. Everybody wins. People get cheap sports on demand, leagues get more money, advertisers get more eyeballs, twitter gets more hashtags. The best part, from a consumers perspective, is that I’m not shelling out $130-150 for the MLB network when I’d probably only actually want to pay for about 60 games because of my schedule. I’d never thought about charging on a per-game basis, but I love that Idea, and you could work some massive business deals for exclusive streaming rights with the different leagues.

I’m just spitballin** here, and I’ve already blogged about my solution for fixing the MLB, but hear me out on this. Legal Sports Gambling is coming. I don’t know how long it will take, but it will get here eventually. My guess is that it will be heavily regulated, but I’d expect it should arrive within the next 10 years. There’s just too much at stake for it not to become commonplace. Once legalized gambling is given the green light, the technology should be able to handle “live-betting” which will be the next wave of gambling degenerates. For those who don’t know, you can bet on much more than just the spread or the outcome of the game, because you’ll be able to bet on more things as they occur in real time. Once this type of betting hits the mainstream it’s going to catch on faster than a Yellowstone fire in the summer of ’88.

Currently, we have a battle going on between FanDuel, Draft Kings, and the US Court system to see what happens as we move forward into the era of daily fantasy sports and legalized sports gambling. These sites have discovered and exposed a goldmine of suckers (like me) that are just waiting to be exploited for capital gain. Daily Fantasy sites have built themselves into a BILLION dollar business in about 2 years by exploiting a loophole that essential allows gambling. I’m a strong believer that ‘where there is a market, there is a business’, and business always finds a way. Legal sports gambling is coming, people, and it can’t get here soon enough.

Just imagine the ability to bet on stuff like this in real time:

  • Will the next play be a “run” or a “pass”?
  • What will be the result of this batter “hit” “walk” “strikeout”?
  • Will Steph Curry score more or less than 15 in the first half?
  • Over under 40 points scored in the first quarter by both teams.
  • Who will score the first basket in this game?
  • What will the result of the coin toss be?
  • Over under total gametime of 3 hours 20 minutes.
  • and on, and on, and on.

The best part about the Superbowl is watching for your prop bets. Now picture the ability to have prop bets going for every game you watch and how much fun that would be.

**When I read “spitballin” to myself, this scene from First Kid popped in my head. Just an awesome visual and flawless execution from Sinbad.


PPS- If you enjoyed this blog, you may like this one where I discuss the future of technology and my thoughts on 10 years from now.





2015 Year in Review: A Look Back at the Blog

2015 was a hell of a year. A ton of blogs were written, and many hours were consumed bangin’ away at the keyboard for your entertainment. I thought it would be fun to go on a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the highlights, and my favorite posts from the past year here at our blog.

Before I begin, you can see a list of every post I’ve written here, so you can read through the headlines and see what appeals to you. There are some real gems in there. I’ve already recapped the year in sports for 2015, so I’m going to focus on the non-sports related content for this post. Lets do it.

From time to time, we did tributes to people, bands or other stuff here at the blog and here are the top tribute blogs from 2015:

  1. The Karl Malone Tribute
  2. Rachel Nichols Tribute
  3. Miller High Life Guy Tribute (RIP)
  4. Tribute to the Key Chain Bottle Opener
  5. The N.W.A. Tribute
  6. Adam Sandler Tribute
  7. Tribute to the American Flag Bikini
  8. Cara Delevingne Tribute
  9. Charlotte McKinney Tribute
  10. Villanova Piccolo Player Tribute
  11. The John Smoltz Tribute
  12. The Blink 182 Tribute

Occasionally, we like to make lists and rank stuff. Here are the best and most interesting lists from 2015:

  1. Ranking the Best “Kids Sports Movies” of the Mid 90’s
  2. Ranking the Best Items from Shark Tank
  3. Ranking Apple’s New emoji’s
  4. Ranking the Top 16 Shows on Netflix by Myself, and the Experts
  5. Ranking the Best Christmas Movies (Mount Rushmore)
  6. Ranking the Biggest Hardo’s in the NFL (Mount Rushmore)
  7. Ranking the best shows on Television Part 1
  8. Ranking the best shows on Television Part 2

We also keep an eye on the next big things and trends in entertainment. Here are my top “come up” blogs of 2015.

  1. The Rise of “Lil Dickey”
  2. The Rise of Kendra Sunderland
  3. The Rise of #VanLife
  4. The Rise of “Cookout” Burger Chain
  5. The Birth of “Joey Bootstraps”

We also dipped our toes into the world of radio and podcasting. Here are some of the audio blogs from 2015:

  1. Salsa Radio as Arrived
  2. The World Premier of DJ Salsa
  3. My Thoughts on Mark Richt/ Jacob Eason/ UGA football

We explored some random questions and dug deep for the answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you a Halloween Person?
  2. Are you a Podcast Person?
  3. How do Shitty Movies Get the Green Light?
  4. What’s the proper way to put mustard on your Hotdog?
  5. Which Cologne Should I Get?
  6. Is Wearing this Hat in Public Ever Acceptable?
  7. Do you care about Women’s World Cup Soccer?
  8. Who’s handwriting is better: Mine or A-Rod’s?
  9. Do you watch SNL?
  10. Did you know you can register your property as a “No Drone Zone”?
  11. Can Someone Explain Mia Khalifa to Me?
  12. Did you know NBC’s Brian Williams has a Hot Daughter?
  13. What is the Cast of ‘Saved By the Bell’ Doing Today?

We did our best to offer some advice to the average Joe.  Here are some of the most popular topics we discussed 2015.

  1. The Perfect “First Date” Suggestion
  2. A+ Pickup Lines and How to Initiate Conversation at the Bar
  3. How to Determine if You Should Attend a Wedding
  4. How to Grill the Proper Steak (as a man you should know)
  5. Things You Should Carry Every Day
  6. Great Gift Ideas for Birthdays/Holidays/etc.
  7. Every Coffee Mug a Man Should Own.
  8. How to Dominate Jury Duty
  9. Don’t Bring Your Own Pool Stick to the Bar
  10. Don’t Buy an Apple Watch

I like food, so I wrote a bunch of food blogs.

  1. The Best Food in the MLB this Season 
  2. Bacon Crust Pizza has Arrived
  3. Beer For Fallen Heros is Awesome
  4. Chipotle is Overrated.
  5. Burrito Vending Machines Exist
  6. The Suishi Burrito Exists
  7. The “New Age Coke Machines” are an Abortion
  8. (Dude Recipe) Beer Can Chicken
  9. (Dude Recipe) 8 Layer Party Dip

Finally, My best Ideas from 2015:

  1. Blog to Book .com
  2. MLB Amateur Silmulcast
  3. Airport Strip Clubs
  4. Netflix Dating Service
  5. The Toilet Desk
  6. Phony Yelp! Review Company
  7. Tweet-On-A-Tee
  8. A Fitness App that Insults the Shit out of You

Last But Not Least, We designed some shirts. Here are the top 5 designs from 2015.

  1. Thug Life/ Blog Life Black ShirtBlog Life shirt template
  2. Alternate Blog Life shirtBlog Life red black template
  3. Braves Chirp Crew Shirtchirp crew T-Shirt
  4. Joey Bootstraps ShirtJoey Bootstraps T-Shirt
  5. Salsa Signature Series: Logo Teelogo slogan tee

Here’s to 2016.

Stop what you’re doing and go follow DJ Khaled on snapchat

Snapchat user name: DJ Khaled

This guy is one of the most entertaining and inadvertently hilarious people on the planet right now. His stock can’t get any higher than it currently sits.

Just yesterday, he had America on pins and needles as he lost his Jetski at sea in the dark waters somewhere off the coast of Florida.

Lucky for us, DJ Khaled is never lost, because he is always on the pathway to success. The key is to make it. DJ is going through this phase where he thinks hes a motivational leader or something and he’s doing things that the common man could never dream of (much less comprehend).

Some highlights of his last two days include (but aren’t limited to):khaled sandals.jpg

  • Getting lost on his Jetski in the dark
  • Running into “another roadblock” aka the boat police, and having to be towed to shore.
  • His Sandal line is coming out and it’s hot fiya (and by hot fiya I mean they look cheaper than those disposable shower sandals you buy at the dollar store)

Not only is DJK up to no good when he’s “back at it” on his jetski, but he always takes time to drop little nuggets of wisdom all throughout all his daily routines. It’s marvelous information that is trumped only by his means of delivering the message, of which he does so, by speaking with the intensity of 1,000 suns on every snap #NoSnapsOff.

Lets peep today’s gems real quick.

  • DJ on Breakfast: “Dat Yard man food. Gluten free doe. Bless Up”
    • Back to back to back homerun catch phrases by our savior DJK right there. Bless up indeed.
  • DJ on the year 2016: #2016 #WeTheBest #ImOnOne
  • DJ on his haircut.: Major (key emoji) is always a fresh cut.
    • BTW he LOVES the key emoji- I’ve been in the emoji game for a solid 4 years and haven’t utilized the key emoji once. DJK drops a key emoji in every other snap,  maybe that’s why I’m a poor, pathetic, blogger. 
  • As DJ waters his lawn statue: Don’t ever play yourself (Don’t ever play yourself)
  • DJ on friendship: Bless up, shout out to D-Wade. (pressed up arrow in elevator)
  • DJ on the same elevator: People will try to pull you down. Don’t let em. (presses down on the elevator button). They evil.
    • Next level creativity from our boy DJ right there. They evil.
  • DJ on Breakfast: Enjoy your breakfast because they don’t want you to enjoy, they don’t want to see you enjoy, so enjoy (praying emoji hands)
    • DJ LOVES the praying emoji hands as well.
  • DJ walking in his kitchen: Walk with me on the path way of more success
  • DJ watering his plants: Some people can’t handle success I CAN, some people can’t handle winning I CAN
  • (still watering plants) When you stop making excuses and you work hard and go hard you will be very successful but when you very successful, just know you a target. PROTECT YOSELF
  • (still watering plants) When you get success you have to be very smart, and be extra focused and protect your surroundings.
  • (still watering plants) The key to success is to have a hammock. I have to get a new one because I’ve meditated so much on this one.
  • (walking to his dock) The key is never fold. Don’t fold. The key to more success is never fold.
  • (riding his jetski) “Back at it”
    • Back at it is one of the funnier things he does. It’s as if he’s grown tired of his jetski. Like, shit man, back on the grind, “back at it”, as he looks at his jetski as if he’s about to put in a hard days work at the office. “Back at it”
  • (still riding his jetski) all the great ones ride one.
  • (still on jetski) ride wit me
  • (still on jetski)ride wit me
  • (still on jetski)ride wit me through the journey of more success
  • (still on jetski) ride wit me.
  • (still on jetski) You have to find peace and love
  • (still on jetski) ride wit me
  • (still on jetski) As a police boat pulls him over: Shit jus got real (cop emoji)
    • This is 2nd time in 2 days that he’s suffered “Another roadblock” for those keeping track at home. Don’t worry tho because he will overcome it. 
  • (Finally back on land) Caught another Iguana. Dey eat all my flowers.
    • God-damn Iguanas

His life is so foreign to ours, it’s almost as if he was living on another planet. If he woke up and decided to design a shoe for the hell of it, he could have a custom one made, shipped, and on his foot within a week. This guy is crushing life and all he does is win, win, win, no matter what. What a time to be alive.

dj khaled boat.jpg


A couple days after this event, he did  this interview with Business Insider where he went into details about the jetski incident, and he also described what motivates him to inspire, and how he got into snapchat.


Salsa Radio Has Arrived!

Salsa Radio LogoSalsa Radio is here.

I’ve been kicking the idea around for a while, and finally decided to give it a shot to see how it works out.


Podcasts suck dick. Everyone has one and they’re all boring as shit. That’s the reason I’ve created Salsa Radio. My show will be the anti-podcast, and will be run like PTI on ESPN. My show will be 4-5 minutes of interesting stuff that you need to know. Nothing more, nothing less. Salsa Radio will be your fodder for the office water cooler. Put it on while you brush your teeth and gel your hair.

Here’s how it will work.

2 Segments (hopefully daily)

Segment 1 will be called: “The 2 Minute Vent” and will feature news, current events, funny stuff, and interesting internet trends going on in the world.

Segment 2 will be called: “The 2 Minute Sports Blitz” and will be all sports related. Top stories, controversies and viral stuff floating around the web.

I know this is going to be rocky as hell at first. Keep in mind that I have no prior experience in doing anything radio related. There will be a slight learning curve, but that will be part of the fun. I’m going to be open and honest, and I know some segments will be a train wreck, but that’s what makes great radio. I grip it and rip it and I promise that I’ll make your listen as entertaining as possible.

The train has left the station and I’m excited to see where it takes us, so let’s do it and get to it. Click Play Below.

$1,000,000 idea: Blog to Book (dot) Com

trash canThe truth is, I love to blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing an actual book for the past year or so. Eventually, I started writing my book but stopped after a while because I asked myself, “who’s actually going to read this?” My problem was that the idea for my book wasn’t specific enough and I also didn’t really have a target audience, so it would have been a waste of time to continue writing it.

It may come as a surprise to you, but I actually read a lot of books. I just happen to live right behind a used bookstore and an awesome Chinese food place, so I’ll hop over to the bookstore and grab a random book while I wait for my wonton soup. In my time, I’ve read a ton of shitty books. When I get to then end of a bad book, I think to myself “I could write something much more entertaining than that!”

brad not a great book

That was the initial inspiration of me trying to become an actual published author instead of just a minor league blogger.

So, I had this idea: What if I could turn my blog into a book? It already had different categories (left menu bar) and you could segment those into different chapters. The problem with converting a blog to a book, is that there are so many links, pictures, videos, and music incorporated into blogs that it doesn’t translate well to paper. The unique part of my idea would be to set up a simple ‘blog-like’ website with a writing template that only allows you to use things that are convertible to text and pictures. Anything that couldn’t be published, like YouTube videos, wouldn’t be able to be used in this template. Once you are finished writing, everything can be easily converted to a book (soft or hardback), with the click of a button.

I’d call the company Blog to Book (dot) Com: “Turning the Average Joe into a Published Pro”

Blog to book (dot) com would be the most efficient way for anyone to become an established author, without having to deal with the hassle of publishing companies. Everyone has so much knowledge and so much expertise in their field of work, but they may not have the ability to get their ideas and thoughts out to the masses. Blog to book (dot) com would solve that that problem for everyone by providing a simple platform for worldwide distribution.

When you tell people you’re a blogger, they laugh, assume you’re poor and take pity on you while they dismissively change the conversation to what they do. .

When you tell people you’re a writer/author, they’re impressed, and they’ll usually follow up with the question: “what do you write about”- if you have a published book, you can say, ” I write about _______ and its actually on Amazon right now. You should check it out.”

PS- Yes I realize that the actual site is currently some foreign site.There’s no reason I couldn’t call this idea something else like ‘blog to bookshelf’ or ‘blog to bookstore’ or ‘blogger to author’ etc. #ideasfordays

boo yah

PPS- This is just the latest and greatest idea I’ve cooked up. If you thirsty readers want more of my explosively creative mind– Feel free to check out my other innovative concepts just sitting out there waiting for someone to build them into the next Uber/ AirB&B

  1. MLB Amateur Silmulcast
  2. Tweet on a Tee
  3. The Toilet Desk
  4. Netflix Dating Service
  5. Insulting Fitness App
  6. A Yelp Review Company


Salsa’s TV Report: 2nd Edition

For a link to the my first TV Report: Click here.

This is the second edition of an ongoing series of blogs chronicling random television shows that I’ve been watching recently. Some of these shows are brand new, and some are old, but this’trimonthly’ TV Report is one of the my favorite blogs that I write on this site. Please keep in mind that I WONT INCLUDE ANY SPOILERS IN THIS BLOG. I will provide your with some broad perspective and analysis on a few shows, and whether or not I’d recommend them to you. I personally find it very difficult to find new shows to jump into, so hopefully this blog will help guide some of your TV watching decisions.

SOUTH PARK (Seasons 1-18): This show went from bad, to good, to bad, and back to good over the past 16 years, but it’s still one of the strongest shows of our generation.
south park
I’ve been watching South Park since I was in elementary school off and on throughout my life. It’s always been ‘hit or miss’ for me. Most episodes are worth a few chuckles and some good pop-culture references if anything else. A LONG time ago, I decided to go back to season 1 and re-watch all the episodes in order. The first 4 seasons were mostly garbage, but then the show started getting real good around season 5-6. The show hit a hot streak from season 5 to season 11 or 12, then it went back into the tank for a few seasons. Just recently started getting funny again around season 17-18. The most recent ones are pretty good. This show was perfect thing to fall asleep to, because I could toss on a couple episodes, lay my head down and drift off to sleep. This is probably the best list of the top 25 South Park episodes out there if your interested in checking out a few winners.

BOJACK HORSEMAN (Season 1 & 2): A hidden gem, and a surprisingly dynamic story line.
Shockingly good. I decided to give this show a chance after I saw people ranting and raving about it on Reddit, and I’m glad I did. I’m a guy who doesn’t particularly care for those ‘cartoon like’ shows (Simpsons, Archer, Rick and Morty, family guy etc.), but this one was very well done. Bojack Horseman is a surprising dark and depressing look at a once famous child star living in Hollywood. I haven’t ever seen a show quite like this, and that’s why I liked it so much. You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, and you shouldn’t jusdge a netflix show by it’s thumbnail pic. This show is worth checking out, and make sure to give yourself 4-5 episodes before making a decision.

TRUE DETECTIVE (Season 2): You’ll have no clue what you watched after your done with this season.
true detective 2
I’ll keep this short because you’ve probably already seen the backlash on social media about the show for the past 3 months. The bottom line is that it just wasn’t very good. It was too confusing and the cast didn’t really fit their roles. Season 1 of TD was awesome, and set the bar way too high for season two. I didn’t vehemently hate it like a lot of other people, and I’d probably give it a 3.5/10 on the Salsa scale, which is disappointing because the first season was a solid 9/10.

LEGIT (Season 1 & 2): For lack of a better word, this show is straight up Legit.
This show was another surprise to me. I actually really liked it. It revolves around the life of a comedian Jim Jefferies, and funny things that happen in his quest to live a more legitimate and fulfilling life. He’s a deeply flawed guy, but he actually comes off as a good dude most of the time. I actually like Jim Jefferies the comedian, so that made it an easier show to consume. This may be one of those shows that you love or you hate, but it’s worth investing in a few episodes to see if it’s up your alley.

WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER (Season 1): Let Down City. The stars alone can’t even carry this trash-bag of a show and you’ll find the opinions on this show to be very polarizing.
wet hot american summer
What a let down. Stars upon stars upon stars in this Netflix original miniseries that follows a cult classic film from 2001. Just poorly done. It makes a lot of shitty references to the movie and they mirror each other well, I just didn’t like the plot, and it wasn’t really funny either. It had so much potential, but it just felt like it was really thrown together. My piece of advice is to watch the movie right before starting the TV Series, so you understand most of the references. I really wanted to like this show, but it sucked. Some people will tell you opposite, but they’re just sheep. Skip this hogwash and watch something else.

THE INBETWEENERS: (Season 1-3): Weird, raunchy, British comedy that’s not for everyone, but will provide you with a few chuckles none the less.
the inbetweeners
This show is all over the place. It’s a British comedy that follow 4 teenage outcasts on their quest to fit in with society. You never know what your going to get from episode to episode, and it’s kind of like watching a train wreck where you just can’t look away. Lots of awkward humor, throughout the series. It’s kind of an oddity because there’s 3 seasons on netflix with only 6 episodes per season, so you can binge through this really quickly. I’d recommend checking out season 1 to see if this is your sense of humor, and going from there. There’s also 2 more movies (also currently available on Netflix: Inbetweeners 1&2)

TRAILER PARK BOYS (Season 1-9): This show is funny, and will make you feel better about your life.
I know I’ll sound like a broken record at this point, but this show is hilarious and I really liked it. I watched seasons 1-3 a while back, and thought it was just so-so, but then I picked it back up with season 4 recently, and I’m glad i did. The show chronicles the schemes of 3 idiots living in a trailer park. It kinda reminds me of the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, obviously not as great as Always Sunny, but it definitely had its moments. This is a Canadian show, so you may have to get used to the weird accents and shitty quality production of the earlier episodes, but the show has been on the air since 2001 and is still going strong in 2016. Very few shows last as long as they have, so major props to them. You can’t really go wrong with this show, so check it out.

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Season 3): Better than season 2, slightly worse than season 1.
I reviewed the first two seasons of OITNB in my fist TV Blog, but this review is for season 3 only. I must say that season 3 is much better than the 2nd season, because they went back to what worked in the 1st season, and added a smoking hot new female cast member (chick in the middle). This rebound season is worth a watch if you liked the first season of the show. Season three may give the franchise enough juice to squeeze out one more season in this Netflix original series. If they do, I bet season 4 is going to have a bunch of “shocking episodes” to reinvigorate interest in a dying franchise. This along with True Detective season 2 are shows I’d only watch if I had a ton of free time on my hands and nothing else to do.

SILICON VALLEY (Season 2): Easy watch, sometimes a roller-coaster ride, but easily worth your time.
silicon valley 2
I really like this show. If you read this site you know that I have a soft spot for technology and the world of tech start-ups, so this show is right up my alley. It’s not really that funny, but I feel like they do a great job of following the life of people involved in getting a startup company off the ground. The show did big ratings on HBO and they’re already in the process of filming season 3. Silicon Valley is a great watch with a lot of entertaining individual cast of characters.

MY NAME IS EARL (Season 1-4): Gets real old, real quick. Skip this show.
I have a roommate who roped me into this one. He really likes the show, while I do not particularly care for it at all. I thought I’d like it, because it used to be a popular show about 10 years ago, and it’s about a couple of people from a trailer park. I was expecting something like Trailer Park Boys (which was awesome), but I ended up with a show like “Scrubs” in a trailer park. Each episode follows almost the exact same format, in which a former criminal tries to turn his life around by doing good things to make up for all the bad he’s done. There were a few decent episodes here and there, but this show is a major skip all together for a majority of people. Plus, Earl having the most punch-able face of all time did not make my viewing experience very enjoyable.

And there you have it. Some shows to keep you busy checking out for the next few months. I’ll see you in another 3 months or so with more recommendations. If you have any suggestions on shows you think I may like message me on Twitter @Salsastoolie

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