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What are you picking as your “last meal”?

I haven’t really ever given this a lot of thought, but I feel like I need to address it. The question is:

If you were facing the electric chair tomorrow and I’m giving you one final meal of your choice, (anything in the world) what are you picking?

My answer would probably be steak and lobster, a loaded mashed potato with sides of melted butter and gravy for dipping, and garlic bread. For dessert, I’m going with warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top accompanied by a small side dish of mixed nuts.   But from where?

The best Lobster I’ve ever had was made by my buddy from New England on the 4th of July about 3 years back.

The best steak I’ve ever had was on a random Sunday night made by myself about 6 months ago.

The best loaded baked potato I’ve had was on vacation at some po-dunk BBQ place in south Texas a few years back.

steak lobster.jpg

The best garlic bread I’ve had is from the Kroger freezer, and I had some last week.

garlic bread.jpg

The best apple pie I’ve ever had was at this little soul food diner in college.

I have no clue what I’d drink as a beverage. I don’t think I’ve ever had a favorite alcoholic drink of all time (or sipped something and thought “that’s the best drink I’ve ever had”). I’d probably have a glass of water, a glass of Hi-C Fruit Punch, a can of coke, and a single bottle of Bud Light (the OG of beer). I’d also try to squeeze in a single shot of crown if they let me.

I’m basically saying that I hate my answer to this question, because I don’t really even have an answer.

apple pie.jpgThey’d ask “what do you want?”

I’d say “steak and lobster and a loaded potato with garlic bread and apple pie ala mode”

“okay, from where”

“………………” (silence)mixed nuts.jpg

So what are you picking?

Hit me up on twitter with your #LastMealChoice


  • NY Strip Steak
  • Lobster Tail
  • Loaded Baked Potato
  • Side of Garlic Bread
  • Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Bowl of Mixed Nuts
  • Water
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • 1 Can of Coke
  • 1 Bottle of Bud Light
  • 1 Shot of Crown Royal




Everyone should try this obscure pizza combination at least once.

I love pizza.I love bacon.

The other day, a friend of mine told me to try a pizza with bacon and pineapple as toppings. The american bacon, not that canadian bullshit ham bacon. I thought he was kidding because it sounded absolutely disgusting. But he ordered one anyway and I tried a slice… My reaction was identical to this guy from the wire when he discovered something amazing  for the first time…


An absolutely knock out combination of sweet and salty cheezy greatness. Now I’m gonna blow ya mind again. Dip that thing in ranch dressing and be like…


Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it my friends. Papa John’s does the bacon/pineapple pizza best, and I’m saving the seasoning packets for my next steak (shout out to the commenter who suggested that lil’ gem of information)


How have I just discovered Almond M&M’s? (with bonus: Official M&M flavor power rankings)

I’m a big peanut m&m guy. huge actually. I’ve probably said it on the blog before, but they are by far my favorite candy of all time. It’s the one candy I could eat forever and never get tired of it. They’re the perfect combination of glucose and protein.

I was flying home from a wedding last week (sick brag bro) and the flight attendant comes up and asks if I want any snacks. I asked her what she suggested, and she said that most people like Pringles or m&ms. I opted for the M&Ms and I was shocked by what she gave me. It was this weird looking tan bag of M&M’s that I thought was just a sun faded, decade old bag of peanut m&M’. It looked like this:

tan bag.jpg

What the hell is this? I thought silently to myself. Then I read the bag: Almond M&M’s

Almond?!?!?! nice. I can work with almond.
almond mm.jpg

Then I ate one. It was delicious. My life changed that day, and I became an Almond M&M guy.

While I’m here, I’m going to drop my official M&M flavor power rankings:

  1. Almond M&M’s

  2. Peanut M&M’s

  3. Dark Chocolate M&M’s

  4. Original M&M’s

  5. Crispy M&M’s

  6. Mint M&M’s

  7. Peanut Butter M&M’s

  8. Pretzel M&M’s

  9. Birthday Cake M&M’s

  10. White Chocolate M&M’s

types mm's.jpg

PS: apparently the blue M&M is the almond M&M in the commercials. Easily the coolest of any of the cartoon M&M’s.

blue mm.jpg

One Dude’s Take on Some Random Mixed Drinks to Add to Your Repertoire

Everybody is always eager to show off how cultured they are. What you drink says a lot about you. There are so many different options and cocktails and beer that it’s hard to  keep it all straight.

I’m a bud light guy plain and simple. If I’m at the bar by myself or a few bros, there’s a 85% chance I’ll be getting a bud light and sticking with that for the majority of my time there. If I’m with chicks, I may mix in a nicer beer, such as a Blue moon, Shiner Bock, Sweetwater 420, etc. If things are getting a little crazy shots are most likely going to be:

  • Whiskey if I’m with dudes (Jack, Johnny, Jameson)
  • Fireball or Tequila if I’m with Chicks

Beer and shots are nice, but mixed drinks are a whole ‘notha ballgame. I like mixed drinks, but I never pay them much attention outside of getting the occasional rum-and-coke or whiskey-sprite. The endless amount of combinations with mixed drinks is daunting, so I usually don’t even want to fuck with them. If I’m drinking, I’m usually in one of two modes:

  1. Chill mode- relax, shoot the shit, stick to beer, go home early.
  2. Rage mode- drinking with a purpose, going absolutely balls to the wall. nothing to do tomorrow, no excuses, no regrets, admit nothing, deny everything, and do anything and everything to get everyone i’m with on my level.

Mix drinks usually don’t fit into one of those categories, so I decided to make a blog dedicated to mixed drinks that I enjoy, and when to make them.

The “New Englander”

I made these at a cookout back in 2015 for a bunch of people and they all loved it. It uses Moxie Soda which is an absolute bitch to find in the south, but if you can find it, it’s worth it for this drink. You need to make sure you’re enjoying this with some fresh lobster, or crab, or NE beverage.jpgeven a crawfish boil in the summer. The Recipe sounds crazy but it works!

1 part  Gin
2-3 parts Moxie
a large slice of lime
a dash of Worcestershire sauce

The “Beermosa”

Champagne and OJ are a brunch staple, but I always feel li
ke a litte bitch drinking a mimosa out of a champagne flute for breakfast/lunch. A long time ago I decided that I’d just mix beer and OJ and enjoy myself a beermosa. The perfect beer to use for a beermosa is a Blue Moon, because it albeermosa.jpgready comes with an orange slice. Just order the biggest one you can with a sidecar of OJ and have yourself a time.

  • 1/2 Blue Moon
  • 1/2 OJ
  • a slice of orange


The “White Russian”

This drink will always have a special place in my heart.white russian.jpg
Back in college I had a neighbor who was absolutely obsessed with White Russians. Every time we’d go to his place to watch a game, play some video games, pre-game, study, chill he’d always offer us a White Russian. It got to the point where we’d go out and start ordering White Russians at the bar sometimes in honor of this guy. He always had the ingredients on hand to make white Russians, and it didn’t matter if it was7am, 1pm, 10pm, or 3am…He’d be there to make you one. The dude abides.

  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part kahlua
  • 1 part milk
  • served over ice in a glass

The Mint Julep

You can only drink this cocktail 3 times a year: TMakers Mark Mint Julep.jpghe Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and the Bellmont. Ordering this on any of the other 362 days of the year makes you a pretentious douche. Side story- Maker’s Mark came out with a mint julep flavor about 8 years ago, and It was the greatest whisky ever invented. You could drink it straight, or enjoy it on the rocks and it was absolutely incredible. They only offed it for limited time, and it continues to be my white whale. I can’t  find it anywhere anymore and nobody’s ever heard of it*. It had green wax and was just called Maker’s Mark Mint Julep.

  • Bourbon
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Mint leaf
  • sugar

*If you find out where I can get this, hit me up on twitter @salsastoolie

My Favorite Subs

Sounds weird, but i’m a big fan of Roast Beef Subs. Much like medium wings, I use a classic roast beef sub as a barometer to judge any new sub shop I try out. Here’s my list of the best subs, in order from best to worst.


  1. Publix Sub – the GOAT. (Greatest. of. All. Time.)


  2. Blimpie Sub- Awesome bread, and so tough to find.


  3. Jimmy John’s Sub-Mainly because it reminds me of college and better times.

    jimmy sub.jpg

  4. Lenny’s Subs – one of the more underrated shops in the game. always good.lennys.jpg

  5. Jersey Mike’s Sub- love getting my sub “mikes way”

    jersey mike.jpg

  6. Firehouse Subs – not bad, but one of the most overrated subs in the game

    firehouse sub.jpg

  7. Which Wich- to much work with the bag selection process

    which wich.jpg

  8. Quiznos- not a fan of their toasty subs, or the breadquiznos.jpg

  9. Schlotzkys – i always feel sick after schlotzkys. no clue why.


  10. Subway- the WOAT (worst. of. all. time.)



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The Buffalo Wing Blog

“Bone-in” or “Bone-out”?

Bone in. I love Buffalo Wings. I didn’t know how controversial the “Bone-In” vs. “Bone-Out” debate was.Personally I’m a Bone in guy. A wing with no bone is a chicken nugget with sauce.


Time to settle a few more debates.

Drums or Flats?

I used to be all about the Drums, but lately I’ve migrated to the flats because it seems like they consistently have more meat. I like the drums for their ease of dunk-ability into the dressing, but those flats are where it’s at. I like to use my cellery or frries to paint my flats with dressing before biting in. It’s a little messy, but 100% amazing.

Celery or Carrots?

I go Celery here. cool Crisp crunch goes so well with the hot crisp wing. Carrots tend to be served at room temp and sometimes lack that crunch that you know you’ll get with celery.

Fries or Veggies?

This is tough, and depends on the location, but I’ll usually opt for the fries over the option for celery/carrots any day of the week. I’d say i’m a fry guy about 90% of the time.

Blue Cheese or Ranch?

Ranch all day every day. Never been a blue cheese guy.Bonus points if the ranch is homemade, and they give you extra.

Hot, Med, Mild?

Same sauce flavor, just a difference in heat. I always go medium on my first visit to the place to gauge their heat levels, and then I adjust accordingly. I tend to like my wings somewhere between medium and hot, but there’s a fine line between that and too hot. If it lands somewhere in that sweet spot, then i’m your customer for life.

wing spice zone

“Wet”  wings or slightly drier? (basically lots of sauce or minimul sauce)

This is where most wing places fuck up. They’ll have a great tasting wing, but then they’ll drown it in sauce to the point where it becomes soggy. I hate when I order wings and I get home and they’re sitting in an inch of sauce. The best wings in my opinion have some sauce, but tend to becloser on the dry side of things. I’m all about my wings being as crispy as possible, so to get there we have to minimize the sauce. The perfect amount of sauce is on this wing below.

perfect amount of sauce

Bufflo sauce or dry/teriyaki/BBQ/Lemon Pepper?

Every wing place has a million different flavors these days. I stick mainly to buffalo wings medium/hot. I don’t mind mixing in dry rub/ garlic/ lemon pepper from time to time, but that just doesn’t do it for me.

buffalo types



The Washington Wizards have a Hilarious Chick-Fil-A Promo

“If an opposing player misses two consecutive coupon.jpgfree throws in the 4th quarter, all fans get a free Chick-Fil-A Chicken sandwich”

That’s the promo.

1st off, hilarious promotion, and kudos to whoever thought that up and got the Wizards to actually buy into it. That is top notch stuff.

2nd off, Chick-Fil-A is delicious. I still think it’s a bit overrated, and their die hard fans are insufferable, but they do mad business. The food is decent, but the sauces are admittedly awesome.

chickfila sauces.jpg

3rd off, John Wall was pissed after the game because he said the fans cheered louder for their free chicken sandwich than they did when the Wizards won. No shit bro- you’re the fucking Wizards. Go pound sand J-Wall

wizardsj wall