The Summer of LeBron is upon us. Again.

Where’s he going to go?

thinking-face emoji.png

If you’ve been reading my blog, I was the first to predict that he’d end up in Houston with his banana boat buddies CP3 and Me7o.

Let’s revisit my thoughts on this blog From August 2017….

lebron prediction.png

1 year later, I want no part of a Melo in a Rockets uniform- He’s aged faster than Ben Button gets younger this past year. Melo will be out of the league in 2 years or less.

Bron’s still got a good 6 years left…2-3 of which will be his prime.

Where he goes next will be a very crucial decision for his legacy

Vegas odds currently have him going to:

lebron odds.png

well well well…would you look at that?

If you’d have asked this question last year, NOBODY would have picked the Rockets. It would have been LA Lakers, San Antonio, LA Clippers, Boston, Phillidelphia, Cleveland.

But the Rockets had a stand out year,  and took the Warriors to 7. If Chris Paul doesn’t go down in game 6 of the Western Conference finals– who knows what would have happened.

I can’t wait for LeBron to join the Rockets in a month or so, because there’s nothing more I like saying than “I told you so”!

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