Is chip bag chili something sober people eat? Frito Pie?

Time for another Salsa Investigation…

frito pie.jpgToday

I’m all about that #FritoPieLife

I’d never heard of a frito Pie until yesterday. I guess it’s something that originated out in Texas? I saw a video of a guy walking and spooning chips out of a Tostito’s bag on a video the other day. At first I thought he had something wrong with him because he was eating chips with a spoon, but then I realized that chip-bag chili is actually something people do?

You get a bag of tostios or fritos, dump in chili add in cheese and then eat it as you walk.

My only question would be “How drunk am I”?? Because that seems like a phenominal drunk food to keep me occupied while I walk the 1/2 mile back to my apartment before loading in a frozen pizza watching 30 minutes of sportscenter and crashing. It’s almost like a perfect appetizer for your feast. Drunk food power rankings will be a great blog for another day. But right now I’m focused on this Frito-Pie thing.

I legit think I may skip the bars next weekend and have a ‘Make your own chip bag chili buffet’ for 7 bucks or something. One crockpot of chili- a bunch of small bags of fritos, some cheese, and maybe some sour cream and bingo bango you have your self a very nice little business on the street corner between 1-3 a.m.

My next question: Is it legal to sell a chili buffet out of the back of your truck in an empty parking lot owned by the city? what about if you’re parked on the street?

These are legit questions, because knowing my dumbass luck, I’d make about $250 slinging chip bag chili all night, and then I’d promptly be served with a $300 ticket for not complying to some bullshit food truck code.

Should I just try it anyway? I figure I could pocket a cool 200-300 bucks a weekend for just a few hours work, and basically no startup cost. That’s a nice little clip if you’re not doing much else.


Just make a killing off the drunk people running around town. I would buy it. Hell I may have to try it for dinner tonight just to test it out. I didn’t know it was a thing people actually do??

Have you had chip-bag-chili?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

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