These Apps Are Nuts.

Editors note: I wrote this blog 8 months ago, but never published it. I found it interesting enough to revisit and publish. 

Maybe I’ve fallen a little behind the technology curve, but I was discussing some new apps with a few buddies last night, and they were telling me about some real interesting ones.

Maybe you’ve heard of these, and maybe you haven’t. I wouldn’t be a man of the people if I didn’t pass these along to you. Enjoy.


Kitchen Surfing–

A chef comes to you, cooks, brings his own ingredients, and appliances, cleans up, and leaves in 30 minutes. You set the time. I actually blogged about it here.

task-rabbitTask Rabbit–

Send out a task that you need completed, set a price you’ll pay, and someone will do it for you.


Brings you whatever you need in 30 minutes. Focused on convenience store type items, and the advantage is that they’re open late and fast.


On demand alcohol delivery and expert tips on cocktail making. This is a liquor store in your pocket.thirstie.jpg


drizly.jpegBeer, wine, and liquor, delivered to your door in under an hour. Another liquor store in your pocket.


Another beer/wine/liquor delivery company promising 30-60 minutes or less.

Postmates- another food delivery app that focuses on fast food
and lower scale restaurants for those on a budget. In my opinion, Postmates is the best of all the on demand delivery apps, but it is very  similar to GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Seamless. If you live in a big city ypostmates.pngou’ll have a ton of options, but if not, you’re kinda screwed.

if all else fails, use Magic–

Magic claims that if you text a number with any request they’ll get it done for a price.

Yes I listed a bunch of delivery apps, but I just didn’t know that these were that wide spread. Currently many of them are only available in big cities, so I listed multiple ones that may be available in your area of the country.





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