Twitter “Must Follows”

It’s been a while since our last ‘Salsa Investigation’.

I was talking to a friend about twitter and he told me you gotta follow this guy (insert shitty twitter handle) because he was “hilarious”. I looked him up, and read about 30 tweets and didn’t find him appealing at all. I told my friend, “you’re outta your mind” and that was that. I can’t even remember the name of the guy he suggested to follow. That’s how irrelevant the conversation was, and that was only about 10 hours ago.

It did get me thinking… Who on Twitter is a Must Follow?

I can’t really think of one guy off the top of my head other than maybe that Goldman Sacs Elevator Account.

With this thought in mind, I decided to set my criteria to find out if any popular twitter handles out there qualified as a ‘Must Follow Account’. Here’s the method I’m using to find the best of the best accounts to follow.

  1. Google twitter must follow(s)
  2. Read Last 30 tweets from each account to answer 2 main questions:
    1. 2A: Is it funny? If I don’t smile/laugh or chuckle- move on to part 2B
    2. 2B: Is it smart or entertaining? If they don’t make me learn something, or keep me interested in any capacity, – NOT A MUST FOLLOW ACCOUNT!

Pretty Simple concept. If they’re funny or interesting on a consistent basis I’ll  follow them. 30 tweets is a good barometer of whether or not someone is a good account. It should be interesting to see where this goes. I’m doing the grunt work so you don’t have to.

Ever account I review is under the Salsa Scoring System**

0-4 No follow

5-6 Your call,

7-8 Worth a follow,


Suggestions from internet Goggling.

Top 2015 handles (source)

  1. 1. Josh Gondelman—@joshgondelman (good, 6/10)
  2. Daniel Kibblesmith—@kibblesmith (trash, 1/10)
  3. Bridger Winegar—@bridger_w (ok, 5/10)
  4. Josh Androsky—@ShutUpAndrosky (dull, 2/10)
  5. Dana Schwartz—@DanaSchwartzzz (volume 4/10)
  6. Demi Adejuyigbe—@electrolemon (schizo, 1/10)
  7. Joe Mande—@joemande (not bad, 5/10)
  8. Alison Stevenson—@JustAboutGlad (consistent, 7/10)
  9. Jake Weisman—@weismanjake (solid, 7/10)
  10. George Wallace—@MrGeorgeWallace (ok, 4/10)
  11. wint—@dril (decent, 6/10)
  12. Todd Barry—@toddbarry (promoter, 1/10)
  13. Lynn Bixenspan—@lynnbixenspan (she tries, 3/10)
  14. OhNoSheTwitnt—@OhNoSheTwitnt (stupid, 1/10)
  15. Kumail Nanjiani—@kumailn (boring, 2/10)

Through rifling through all these twitter accounts I noticed a trend.

  • People with funny bio’s were MUCH more likely to have funny tweets. Lame bio, lame tweeter.
  • The “pinned tweet” also says a lot. If they’re Promoting something shitty that they’ve written or endorsed, the account will probably suck about 95% of the time.
  • The Banner Picture is also a good quick check to learn about the person. If it’s funny and the bio is funny
  • If all three of those things sucked there was pretty much a 0% chance the person was worth a follow.




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