How have I just discovered Almond M&M’s? (with bonus: Official M&M flavor power rankings)

I’m a big peanut m&m guy. huge actually. I’ve probably said it on the blog before, but they are by far my favorite candy of all time. It’s the one candy I could eat forever and never get tired of it. They’re the perfect combination of glucose and protein.

I was flying home from a wedding last week (sick brag bro) and the flight attendant comes up and asks if I want any snacks. I asked her what she suggested, and she said that most people like Pringles or m&ms. I opted for the M&Ms and I was shocked by what she gave me. It was this weird looking tan bag of M&M’s that I thought was just a sun faded, decade old bag of peanut m&M’. It looked like this:

tan bag.jpg

What the hell is this? I thought silently to myself. Then I read the bag: Almond M&M’s

Almond?!?!?! nice. I can work with almond.
almond mm.jpg

Then I ate one. It was delicious. My life changed that day, and I became an Almond M&M guy.

While I’m here, I’m going to drop my official M&M flavor power rankings:

  1. Almond M&M’s

  2. Peanut M&M’s

  3. Dark Chocolate M&M’s

  4. Original M&M’s

  5. Crispy M&M’s

  6. Mint M&M’s

  7. Peanut Butter M&M’s

  8. Pretzel M&M’s

  9. Birthday Cake M&M’s

  10. White Chocolate M&M’s

types mm's.jpg

PS: apparently the blue M&M is the almond M&M in the commercials. Easily the coolest of any of the cartoon M&M’s.

blue mm.jpg


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