Am I a “savage”?

Recently, I’ve been really pressed for time. When I eat pizza, I’ve noticed myself taking two slices of pizza and folding them together with the cheese/toppings on the inside and the crust on the outside like a pizza sandwich. It’s a pretty efficient way to quickly eat pizza. I couldn’t find any pictures online, but my method kind of looks like this.


Yesterday my co-worker called me a savage for eating it that way. It rattled me to the core.

Am I a savage? Is this a publicly acceptable move?

About a year ago I wrote this blog about the most savage moves ever, but now I’m worried that I’m turning into “that guy” who eats his pizza like an absolute fucktard at the office. Of course, I’d like to say that I don’t care, but people talk, and once the word starts to spread, you’re done. You’ve lost. I might as well start wearing this hat in public too.


So I’ll leave it up to you my fellow reader(s) am I a savage for eating pizza like this?**

**i don’t know how to put in a poll anymore (FU wordpress) so leave a comment or HMU on twitter @salsastoolie


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