My Favorite Subs

Sounds weird, but i’m a big fan of Roast Beef Subs. Much like medium wings, I use a classic roast beef sub as a barometer to judge any new sub shop I try out. Here’s my list of the best subs, in order from best to worst.


  1. Publix Sub – the GOAT. (Greatest. of. All. Time.)


  2. Blimpie Sub- Awesome bread, and so tough to find.


  3. Jimmy John’s Sub-Mainly because it reminds me of college and better times.

    jimmy sub.jpg

  4. Lenny’s Subs – one of the more underrated shops in the game. always good.lennys.jpg

  5. Jersey Mike’s Sub- love getting my sub “mikes way”

    jersey mike.jpg

  6. Firehouse Subs – not bad, but one of the most overrated subs in the game

    firehouse sub.jpg

  7. Which Wich- to much work with the bag selection process

    which wich.jpg

  8. Quiznos- not a fan of their toasty subs, or the breadquiznos.jpg

  9. Schlotzkys – i always feel sick after schlotzkys. no clue why.


  10. Subway- the WOAT (worst. of. all. time.)



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