I should start a candle company.

I think I have a list of the greatest smells known to man. If I could hire a scientist to come up with a way to infuse these authentic smells into some candle wax, I could be well on my way to an early retirement. Here’s the smells I would use in my candle company.

  1. Texas Roadhouse Fresh Baked Bread texas bread.jpg
  2. Gasoline Fresh off the Pump
  3. Freshly Cut Pile of Sawdust
  4. Sauted Onions and Garlic
  5. Paper Back Books from the Town Library
  6. Brand New Car Smell
  7. Wallet Leather
  8. Freshly mowed grass
  9. Hot, Buttered Movie Theater Popcorn
  10. Warm Crisp, Freshly minted US Currency
  11. Cookies baking at 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Tell me those aren’t the greatest collection of smells known to man. Go ahead…make my day.


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