My Gut reaction to “31 things every guy should own”

I’m a guy, and I’m guessing I will probably own about 22 of the 31 things every guy should own (according to esquire). I’ll be real disappointed if I’m lower than that. Lets take a look:

  1. Cast Iron Skillet- Yes
  2. Valid Passport- Yesbruce
  3. Multipurpose tool-Yes
  4. Corkscrew/ opener/knife-Yes
  5. Ax- yes
  6. WD-40- Yes
  7. Cordless Drill-Yes (mine has cord)
  8. Weekend Soulder bag- No
  9. Giant Wool Blanket never removed from car -No
  10. Chain Saw-No
  11. Work Gloves-Yes
  12. Carpenters Level-Yes
  13. Work Boots -Yes
  14. Everyday Boots-Yes
  15. Jack- Yes
  16. Claw Hammer-Yes
  17. Lantern-Yes
  18. Chef Knife-Yesmanly men book
  19. Flying Disc-Yes
  20. US Roads Atlas-No
  21. Air Pump-No
  22. Jumper Cables-Yes
  23. Charcoal Grill- No (sold it)
  24. Card Holder-Yes
  25. Pocket Knife-Yes
  26. Grease-No
  27. Lucky Charm-Yes
  28. Hidden Cash-Yes
  29. LED Flashlight-Yes
  30. Money Clip-Yes
  31. Cookbook- Yes

All and all I think I did pretty well.25 our of 31 items is much better than I anticipated. This was an average list, nothing special on here. The one take-away that I absolutely need is the wool blanket in the car. That would come in so handy for so many situations that you run into. Just last week I was crashing at a friends place who had no extra pillows or blankets  for guests. Could have really used one. I’m not sure every guy needs grease, an atlas, or a chain saw either. I’m not going to say you need an air-pump, but that could help you get out of a tough situation, so I may be on board with that. The charcoal grill is a really nice item to have, but I had to sell it because my place doesn’t allow grills anymore.

The one thing this list inspired me to get is that big blanket that never leaves the car. It’s perfect for picnics, stargazing, and dates with the ladies 😉

car blanket




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