Nice Sunday on Deck

Got a hell of a Sports Sunday lined up.

1:10- Atlanta Braves vs. Mets.

The red hot Braves winners of their last four take on them shitty ass Mets.

braves sunday 1.png

11:00-5:00 US Open Final Round

Go DJ (that’s my DJ). Dustin Johnson starts the day 4 strokes back of some dude I’ve never heard of, but my guess is that both guys will choke, and either Landry or Westwood will come back and win it. We shall see.

DJ and paulina

7:00 PM Game 7 of the NBA Finals

The Best team (Warriors) vs. the best player (LeBron) in one game to decide the NBA championship. This game has all the makings of one of the all time greatest showdowns. I can’t fucking wait for this game. I’m actually rooting for the Cavs in this because the warriors have been acting like a bunch of spoiled brats this whole series.


12:00-12:00 Fathers Day

I’m going to hang out with my pops, do a lil shopping with him, and grill something nice for dinner in between all the awesome sports action today. #1 Dad in the world.

dad grillin

What a time to be alive.



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