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“Bone-in” or “Bone-out”?

Bone in. I love Buffalo Wings. I didn’t know how controversial the “Bone-In” vs. “Bone-Out” debate was.Personally I’m a Bone in guy. A wing with no bone is a chicken nugget with sauce.


Time to settle a few more debates.

Drums or Flats?

I used to be all about the Drums, but lately I’ve migrated to the flats because it seems like they consistently have more meat. I like the drums for their ease of dunk-ability into the dressing, but those flats are where it’s at. I like to use my cellery or frries to paint my flats with dressing before biting in. It’s a little messy, but 100% amazing.

Celery or Carrots?

I go Celery here. cool Crisp crunch goes so well with the hot crisp wing. Carrots tend to be served at room temp and sometimes lack that crunch that you know you’ll get with celery.

Fries or Veggies?

This is tough, and depends on the location, but I’ll usually opt for the fries over the option for celery/carrots any day of the week. I’d say i’m a fry guy about 90% of the time.

Blue Cheese or Ranch?

Ranch all day every day. Never been a blue cheese guy.Bonus points if the ranch is homemade, and they give you extra.

Hot, Med, Mild?

Same sauce flavor, just a difference in heat. I always go medium on my first visit to the place to gauge their heat levels, and then I adjust accordingly. I tend to like my wings somewhere between medium and hot, but there’s a fine line between that and too hot. If it lands somewhere in that sweet spot, then i’m your customer for life.

wing spice zone

“Wet”  wings or slightly drier? (basically lots of sauce or minimul sauce)

This is where most wing places fuck up. They’ll have a great tasting wing, but then they’ll drown it in sauce to the point where it becomes soggy. I hate when I order wings and I get home and they’re sitting in an inch of sauce. The best wings in my opinion have some sauce, but tend to becloser on the dry side of things. I’m all about my wings being as crispy as possible, so to get there we have to minimize the sauce. The perfect amount of sauce is on this wing below.

perfect amount of sauce

Bufflo sauce or dry/teriyaki/BBQ/Lemon Pepper?

Every wing place has a million different flavors these days. I stick mainly to buffalo wings medium/hot. I don’t mind mixing in dry rub/ garlic/ lemon pepper from time to time, but that just doesn’t do it for me.

buffalo types




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