Every Dude Should Build a Music Playlist for Every Occasion

Every guy needs to have about 3-6 really solid music playlist to put on during any occasion. It blows my mind that more people don’t do this. Creating these lists on your iPod, Spotify or Pandora is fine, but I just chose to do it on YouTube, because it’s easy and you can access it from a computer anywhere without having to login to a specific service.

I started doing this a couple of years ago, and I’ve tweaked them a bunch over the years, but it’s worked out great. Each list I’ve made is about 25-50 really solid songs. Here are the recommended playlist occasions to build.

  1. The Date Night Playlist

    • This is the list of slow, smooth songs that you use (almost as background music) when you’re treating your girl to a nice steak dinner at the house, or you’re out on the deck talking about life, stargazing, and enjoying a glass of wine. Soft, slow, mellow songs are the key.date night
  2. The Backyard Cookout Playlist

    • This is the list that you’ll be playing as you have a bunch of people over to grill up some dogs, burgers, or beer can chicken. This list needs to have a huge range of Hip-Hop (preferably old school), Top 40 radio songs (current and old), chick songs, country songs, R&B, and a bunch of 90’s, 80’s, 00’s top songs. The key here is to appeal to your crowd. This is one you’ll pop on during any occasion if you don’t know the audience very well.cookout pic
  3. The “Gangster” Playlist

    • This list is just straight Hip-Hop and rap. I keep my list primarily old school (like 90’s hip hop) because it has the most wide spread appeal. I was spoiled growing up in the ATL with such a wide variety of hip hop in my arsenal, but I also add some of the bigger hits during the 2000’s as well. I probably get more praise and love for my hip-hop playlist than anything else. I have a lot of trap music on this one as well. Stay away from a lot of the modern rap (after 2010) on this list- keep it old school and people will like it.omar
  4. The Vacation Playlist

    • This is the list of songs you play when your on a beach, sailing on a boat, sipping a margarita, etc. These are very easy going songs with good vibes all around. I have a lot rasta music, a little country, some smooth 80’s, and some great 90’s songs. Another list that’s very eclectic. You’ll know the people you’re vacationing with, so adjust this list according to your personal preferences.vacation
  5. The Gym Playlist

    • This is your personal hype list. Everyone has a little different tastes on what gets them hyped to lift, run, or hoop. Get the 30 or so songs that pump you up and make you want to run through a wall. This list is mostly just for you-not really one you share or play at parties. If you don’t know many good hype-up songs, ask your friends what their favorites are and you’ll get a good variety of answers and recommendations. Sometimes I play this list duing my morning shower to wake up and get hyped for the day.gym
  6. A “Catch All” Random playlist

    • This is just a spot for all those great songs that you like that may not exactly fit into one of the 5 categories listed above. This is another list that is primarily for you, so add stuff you really  like. Indie music, country music, jazz, classical, soundtrack music, or whatever else you really like. This list will be songs for any occasion, and should give you good vibes regardless of what song plays. This is your personal ‘any time anywhere’ list of songs.rando
  7. Bonus List- The “AMERICA” List

    • Since parties and vacations are usually centered around our national holiday’s, it’s always a good idea to have a list of some of the most patriotic songs out there. Everyone will love this list, especially on Memorial day, Labor day, and the 4th of July (which is one of the best holiday’s of the year). Obligatory link to my Tribute blog to American Flag Bikini.america the beautiful

PS-Bonus Points if you know what movie that “bro” in the feature pic is from. (Answer: Click here)


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