Salsa PSA: Stop Snapchatting Live Concerts and Clubs

I’m officially becoming an old man.

I love Snapchat… that’s no secret. I’m not big on Periscope, but I do love me some Snapchat. I’m known to fire off way too many stupid snaps on any given weekend.

With that said, I have never in my life sent a video snap from a live show, concert, or a loud night club. Why would I?

concert snap2

The audio quality is so shitty on those snaps, that it drives me up a wall.

I used to be able to avoid those people who would constantly send snaps from live shows and night clubs, but now that Snapchat has changed the story mode to automatically cycle to the next person’s story, I get bombarded with 7-10 second bursts GHSHHSHHASHSHSHSHHSH DUMM DUMM (muffled screams) SSHHHHHHHHHH between pictures of Beautiful Italian scenery, and delicious sizzling food.

I understand that people need everyone to know that they were standing in the 3rd row at the latest Beyonce concert, but for the love of God can you please limit your snaps to pictures only? I don’t want to  have to cycle through 20 horrible sound clips of static popping while I enjoy my morning recap of my friends weekend activities.

::End rant::


eating an apple




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