Sunday Morning “Pick Me Up”

I stumbled across this old Gallery of a guy that got divorced, quit his job and took an 11,000 mile journey north on a motorcycle until the road stopped. Some of his pics are unreal.

The full gallery is here:

moto ride.jpg

The Bikes they used can be found here:

A while back, I found a similar blog where a guy quit his job and sailed from America to the Chilean Patagonia. He did a similar trip, but sailed to the tip of South America by himself.

His full gallery can be seen here:

rascal.jpg If you want to buy his boat, he’s selling it -and you can see more about it here:

These two photo galleries are absolutely remarkable. I strongly recommend taking a few minutes to go through each of them when you have a few minutes.These are the type of things that I love about the internet/ age of technology we live in. These trips wouldn’t be possible to experience online even 20 years ago. It’s amazing how far we’ve come, and it’s astonishing what some people are able to accomplish. Life is short and very precious, so enjoy the day my friend.

PS- If you liked this blog, you may be interested in reading my blog about people who lived out of their van.



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