Sean Parker, the Napster guy, has a new company that wants to charge you $50 to rent a movie

That headline is not a joke.

Sean Parker, aka the Napster guy aka Zuckerburg’s boy, is trying to start up a new company with his dumbest idea yet.

He wants to charge people $50 to rent a movie that’s currently in theaters.

What planet are you on bro?

You think people are going to shell out 50 bones when they can go to the theater for 7-8 bucks?

GTFO ari

I’m a strong believer that once you get rich, you lose your perception of reality. There is no shot in hell that the average American is going to see any value in this bullshit company/product. People like Sean Parker are so far off the reservation, that it’s genuinely insulting. This guy is worth 3 Billion dollars?!? My goodness. As a guy who’s worth about 3 dollars, even a stupid blogger, like myself, can see how much this idea sucks. The worst part, is that he’ll blow a couple million dollars, shrug his shoulders and walk away like it was nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

I wish that Parker would have to match every dollar he sinks into this project with a donation to charity or something. That should be a rule for the mega-rich (billionaires and higher). Every awful idea, should be subject to the “bad idea tax”, which would require them to donate a match of yearly losses to charity until the company becomes profitable.

Bad idea tax. Making the world a better place, one shitty idea at a time.

Need it.





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