McDonald’s is Changing the Game

McDonald’s has been in the news a lot recently. I’m going to give you the quick rundown on what’s going on with McDiesels aka the Golden Arches aka Ron’s Steakhouse.

1st, we have a McDonald’s that’s going to be serving beer. That sounds terrible. Who would want to go get #McBlasted at a Micky D’s?? Sounds awful. #McFeast


2nd, we have one of the first bottles of McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce that sold in the UK for $139,926. I’m calling #McBullshit on that story, but whatever-it’s interesting. #McRipoff


3rd,they are currently testing a Chicken McGriddle in Ohio to rival the chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A. I’ve never had a Sprite, and I’ve never had a McGriddle. Looks more like a piece of #McShittle


Today, the video of how to make the sauce and a big mac went re-viral on the internet. #McSecret

mac sauce2.jpg

Notice that it says “001 OF 200” on that bottle. Are there only 200 of these in the world??!?! Can’t be right. Right? I’m calling #McBullshit

I may just have to go with the classic “American Sauce” #McKnockoff

american sauce.jpg

A couple of my final #McThoughts:

I’m devastated that I didn’t live up North during the era of the #McLobster

mc lobster.jpg

This picture reminds me of high school football games being #McSneaky

high school football.jpg

I may be immature, but this word always made me #McChuckle


PS- If you don’t know what a “blumpkin” is, don’t Google it at work.


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