Do you remember…?

…downloading songs from KaZaa/ Bear Share/ Limewire?


…having to clean the mouse ball if your cursor was lagging?

mouse ball.jpg

…the sound of dial up internet?

…using a phone with a cord?


…CD’s with 100 free hours of AOL?

aol cd.jpg

…blockbuster video?


…burning CD’s?

burned cds.jpg

… using *69?

In most areas of the United States, phone companies offer *69 service. If you miss a call, or receive one from an unknown caller, dialing *69 on your phone will identify the last caller’s number (if possible) and give you the option to call them back.
He thought he could just hang up on me and I wouldn’t know who he was, but I star 69ed his ass.

…AIM/AOL instant messenger (a/s/l)?


…bleached hair/ frosted tips?


…Kodak disposable cameras?


….floppy disks?

floppy disk.jpg

…not being able to use “Google” (or when google had an !)?**


I was just thinking to myself today. Imagine telling some young whippersnapper about growing up in a world with NO social media, NO Google, NO internet, and NO Cell Phone. That makes me sound old as fuck. Kind of crazy to think about. I’m glad I grew up without all the crap that kids have today, because I don’t know that I would have ever gotten heavily involved in sports. To this day, most of my best friends are people I grew up with playing Baseball, Basketball, and Lacrosse. Yes, I was once a “Lax Bro” many moons ago.

**RIP to the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google. I used to wear that thing out.


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