How did I just find out about Papa John’s Seasoning Packets

special Seasoning.JPG

The Dunk contest was last night, so I decided to order a Pizza from Papa John’s on a whim (Chicken Pizza-on thin crust to mix it up). When the pizza came, I opened the box and found about 5 packets of this “Papa John’s Special seasoning packets” jammed into to the corner of the box. I hadn’t ever noticed these things before. seasoning.jpg

I took them out and almost dropped them into the trashcan when I thought to myself: eh fuck it, why not give this stuff a shot?

So I proceeded to sprinkle a tad of this seasoning on my 1st slice, and what followed was absolutely shocking.

It was simply the Greatest Combination of Seasoning Flavors this tongue has ever tasted. It was UNBELIEVABLE!! I couldn’t believe my taste buds. I don’t know how to describe the combination of flavors other than the perfect balance of salt, garlic, and Italian herbs and spices all wrapped into one, without an overpowering undertone from anything. It was the perfect compliment to the pizza, and didn’t detract from the flavor of the pizza at all. It was goddamn magnificent and I couldn’t get enough of it. It was so good that I saved about 3 packets so I can test this wonderful mix of flavors on some burgers and pasta in the future.

I’ve never been a big Papa John’s guy at all. It’s actually not even in my top 4 shitty pizza chains (which is a blog I wrote, but never published), simply because I’m not a really big fan of their sauce. Finding out about this little pack of wonderfulness is a complete game changer to my pizza power rankings.

papa johns garlic.jpg

As a side note: I also noticed that Papa had changed the consistency of their garlic sauce, it used to be a translucent yellow and now it’s more of an opaque, thicker yellow. When did that happen?  I didn’t really mind because it still tasted the same to me.

Back to the point of this blog: If you haven’t tried this stuff yet, do it. Next time you don’t know what to eat, or need something quick- dial up your local PJ’s make sure they include some of these packets and have yourself a night.

I’d contest that Cheese Bread with this seasoning may be in the running for one of the greatest drunk foods of all time. Lil marinara, lil’ garlic, lil ranch, and a lil’ special seasoning makes this the perfect versatile food for any casual occasion. Prove me wrong.

papa johns2.jpg





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