Characters that ruin Shows

These TV show characters make my blood boil. Here’s the worst of the worst in no particular order.

This Hoe. (Claire Underwood-House of Cards)claire.jpg

This Twat (Becca Moody-Californication)

becca moody

This Rebel(Flynn/Walt Jr.- Breaking Bad)

walt jr.png

This Joker (Kimmy Gibler-Full House)

kimmy gibbler.jpg

This Curmudgeon (Peggy Olson-Mad Men)


This Loser (Sheldon-Big Bang Theory)sheldon.jpg

This Perv (Mr. Garrison- South Park)


This RBF (Chloe- 24)


This Clown (Screech- Saved by the Bell)


This Space Head (Abed- Community)


This Cat-Lady (Angela- The Office)



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