Salsa’s Annual Superbowl Prop Bets Guide (Year 2)


It’s that time again! Superbowl Prop bets are here:

Here’s my blog from last year (2015) where I went 6-3 in the props that mattered last year and I’m looking to do much better this year.

On we go.

National Anthem: Under 2:20 (-120)

Coin Toss: Tails (-105)

First score: Touchdown (-145) Panthers Touchdown (+150) Greg Olsen (+750)

SB MVP: Cam Newton (-130)

Gatorade color: Orange (+125)

Dabbing said: Under 2 (-140) PUSH

Cam superman pose: under 2.5 (-140)

will “left shark make an appearance”?: YES (+1500)

Buffalo Wild wings sold: Over 12 mill (-120)

Golden Gate bridge shown: Over .05 times (-300)

Coldplay’s 1st song: Sky full of Stars (+450)

Beyonce’s Shoe color: Gold or Brown (+250)

Will Peyton Announce Retirement: No (-1000)

Nielson Rating: Over 48.5

Superbowl MVP mentions who first: God (say pey.gif+200)

And your final 2 bets:

Carolina -5

Over 43.5 Scored 

I’m looking at a 37-17 final. Carolina winning easily.


Now go out there, enjoy some food, and make some money.


EDIT- Went 7-9 this year, and was way off on Carolina. Winners in Green, Losers-Red.


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