I Need a Map because I Got Lost In DJ Tanner’s Eyes This Weekend

DJ Tanner is a stunner.

I found myself roped into this awful rom-com this past weekend called “Finding Normal”. Little did I know that the star of the movie was an adult DJ Tanner. I haven’t seen or heard from her since the 90’s, but I’m curious…

How is she not more famous?? 

She was an absolute fox. She stole every scene she was in, and her eyes are absolutely hypnotic. Baby blues for days.

Movie: 2/10

DJ Tanner: 10/10







Have. Mer. See.

I’d marry DJ Tanner on the spot, but she married a Russian hockey bro when she was only 20 after meeting him at a charity hockey game. Good for that dude, because DJ Tanner is like a fine wine, and she just keeps getting better with age. He out-kicked his coverage and snagged himself a total MILF. Can you believe she’s had 3 kids and is 40 years old?? Unreal.



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