Stuff that got real old real quick

An article came out on stuff that got real old real quick. Before I read the article, I’ll rattle off my personal list and then compare it to the articles list.


  1. Gangham style-the song. the dance. the guy singing it. It all sucked.
  2. Pokemon cards– these were cool for a two week stretch back in middle school. At the height of thier popularity, I sold all my holographs for about 200 bucks to this nerd on my bus and it remains the crowing business decision of my life.
  3. Harlem shake– that wierd song and dance that everyone seemed to do.
  4. Flash mobs– Lots of stupid dances are coming to mind for some reason, but these “flash mobs” around college campuses/ town centers was INFURIORATING!
  5. American Idol- The first two seasons were interesting. The last 20? not so much.
  6. The “Wassssssssupp” Budweiser frogs/commercials
  7. Furby-got old 10 minutes after the first “Whoopie”
  8. Zip-off pants-Can’t believed I owned a pair
  9. Slam-Ball– Great concept: terrible execution
  10. The XFL– RIP “HE HATE ME”
  11. POGS-My friend stole all my pogs after like a month, and I didn’t even care enough to call him out or try and take them back. No regrets.
  12. Boy Bands-All of them get pretty old pretty quick, but they’re not going anywhere any time soon.
  13. First Take– One can only handle so much Stephen A. and Skip spewing nonsense.
  14. Reality TV- With the excetption of “Survivor” every reality show has run it’s course.
  15. Donald Trump– just a joke that’s gone on far too long.
  16. James Bond Movies– I feel like a new one comes out every year, and they always suck. Being a bond girl today is completely irrelevant.
  17. Hating Lebron– Everyone hates on Lebron, and he brings it upon himself with his stupidity when it comes to social media, but he’s the worst. Great talent, terrible personality- hating him is really old.
  18. This list- I’m sure you’re probably tired of me listing random shit, so lets take a look and see what the public thinks.


Accroding to reddit: Here’s what they say.  *Red text indicates items on both lists

  • The Harlem Shake 
    • How did this even become “a thing”?
  • Gangnam Style
    • The tune makes my blood boil.
  • Mind of Mencia Show and the dee dee dee
    • Saw Carlos Mencia Live, and he actually wasn’t too bad. It never got old to me.
  • Be Like Bill Meme
    • All meme’s in general (except the Jordan Crying Face)
  • Trivia Crack
    • Played this for one day-
  • Keep calm and… phrase
    • This Actually doesn’t annoy me as much as it does other people. The Chive made this popular, and I think it’s pretty stupid, but it doesn’t bother me.
  • 9-5 office job
    • Eh, not if you have a good job.
  • Kony 2012
    • Oh shit yes- this was one of the most retarded Facebook movements in history. Total scam. 
  • Silly bandz
    • I was actually trying to think of these, but couldn’t remember what they were called- I listed furby, pogs, and a few other dumb fads come to mind. 
  • Nae Nae
    • I HATE the nae nae. No idea how this became so popular.
  • “Netflix and Chill”
    • This one doesn’t annoy me. I don’t know if people actually say this being serious or not.
  • Hoverboards
    • No comment on this
  • Planking
    • 100% of people who “plank” are losers. Also, anyone who would be caught “Tebowing” can go to hell.
  • The ice bucket challenge
    • Bizarre thing that caught on like wildfire
  • DJ Khaled
    • More so his snapchat. I had a blog in the pipeline examining how annoying he is, and how pathetic his life is. It may get published, it may not. Either way, he’s incredibly annoying on Snapchat, but he’s just trying to make money. 
  • Apple Watch
  • The left shark
    • Hilarious that Katy Perry’s marketing team trademarked this dumbass moment.
  • John Cena
  • 3D Movies
    • These give me a massive headache. I can’t be the only one can I?
  • Fuck her right in the pussy
  • The blue/black or white/gold dress
    • Oh hell yes. This should have been on my list. The weekend this dress lit the internet on fire was the weekend I seriously contemplated giving up the internet.
  • Flash Mobs
    • If you’ve ever participated in a flash mob, we can never be friends.
  • Gluten Free
    • When someone uses the phrase “gluten free” in any capacity, I judge them
  • Iggy Azalea
    • I wrote a blog a while ago torching Iggy for the way she treated a papa johns delivery guy, but the blog mysteriously disappeared. One of the biggest mysteries of this blog. Did Iggy’s people get it pulled? who knows! Either way Iggy is the worst. (great bucket though)
  • Donald Trump
    • Had about enough of this guy. He’s literally front page news every day. It’s actually amazing. 
  • YOLO/Twerking
    • I can’t believed I missed “yolo” on my list. YOLO is awful. Twerking is actually fine. Twerk on with your bad self. 

I feel like I did pretty well all things considered.

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