I NEED this floating plant for my pad.

Been a while since I’ve seen something and immediately yelled “NEED IT”.

That’s exactly what I did when I saw the floating trees/plants being talked about on the internet today.

I haven’t bought a plant in my entire life, but I’ll be damned if that deter me from purchasing one of the most beautifully advanced pieces of foliage these eyes have ever seen.

This would easily take the #1 spot for the best “desk plant” on the market. julian.jpg

Having a well tended plant at your desk gives you instant credibility with the office hot chick. It shows that you can take care of something without killing it. Back in the cubes, I’d always used to keep a glass full of water, and make sure to be watering my plant right as the office hottie would walk by my desk and- BOOM-instant conversation starter. And if you didn’t know by now, initiating the conversation is half the battle. (I also wrote an in-depth blog on that topic last year that’s worth a read)

Top 5 “Desk Plants”

  1. Bamboobamboo.jpg

  2. Bonzai treebonzai tree.jpg

  3. Aloe plantaloe.jpg

  4. Green Onionsgreen onions.jpg

  5. Chia Pet



PS- It’s too bad that this is a kickstarter project, because I haven’t had the best history of investing in winners on that dump of a site.


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