2015 Cam Newton is 2004 Madden Mike Vick


There I said it. Cam Newton is Mike Vick 2.0

Some of you younger whippersnappers may not necessarily understand this reference, but amongst my generation, it’s a widely accepted fact that 2004 Mike Vick in Madden is the most dominant video game character of all time.

cam1.jpg Madden2004box.jpg

The 2015 ‘real life’ Cam Newton is a bigger, stronger, and almost faster version of 2004 ‘Madden’ Mike Vick. He’s has had an absolutely amazing MVP season this year. He’s cruised to a Superbowl berth with a rag tag cast of nobody’s that he’s elevated to unbelievable levels this season. In two weeks, he’ll be a Superbowl Champion, and after winning a National Championship and a Heisman trophy in college- he’ll be well on his way to the hall of fame.

I want to love Cam Newton, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to go all in on the dude. He’s got a lot of pros, and a lot of cons.


  • He’s flashy, cocky, funny,
  • He’s a nice dude, good with kids
  • He’s a maverick
  • He’s a good dancer
  • He’s dominant, and talentedcam2.jpg


  • His style is atrocious
  • He’s a wannabe gangster
  • He’s full of himself
  • He tries to piss people off
  • He is all about himself
  • He plays up the “for the kids stuff” for the cameras
  • He would be made fun of if not for his talent.
  • Seems like a loser off the field.


At the end of the day, it seems like younger football fans love Cam, and older fans can’t seem to stand him. Cam represents a new generation of football player. He’s clearly having a good time, but sometime it just goes way over the top with the whole “superman celebration”, and that dumbass “dab dance”. He is always smiling, and plays it off as having fun, but it seems like it’s just him being cocky. Sure race plays an issue somewhat, but I honestly think it’s a non issue for 95% of those people.

At the end of the day, I think i like Cam. I’d say I’m on board with about 85% of his shit. I like the fact that he does whatever he wants, regardless of what people think. I like his confidence. I like his talent. He does rub me the wrong way sometimes, but I think the good far outweighs the bad.


Humblebrag alert! There was a small time in my life when I was one of the best basketball players in my city league. I was a top 5 player in a league with about 150 people in it. I became very arrogant in every game I’d play. It’s hard not to be cocky when you know that you’re that good, and you know that you can be stopped. There’s no better feeling than being at that level. As I got older, people caught up to me in height and talent, but there was a good 3 year stretch from middle school to early high school when I would talk trash, wear ridiculous headbands/armbands/socks. I’d argue with refs every game, and I’d pick up technical fouls like they were going out of style. I once picked up 3 technicals in a game because I swore at the ref and kicked over a chair after getting tossed from the game. The 3rd technical was assessed to my coach who called me after the game to tell me that if I did that again, he wouldn’t be able to coach in the league anymore. I was an absolute nightmare to coach. I’d imagine coaching Cam is very similar. You just gotta let the man do his thing and ride the fucking wave. Winning trumps everything.

PS- This is the best Madden Video on the Internet.


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