My Official “Walk Up” Song Selection.

vince walk.gif

One of my biggest regrets is that I chose to play high school basketball with my friends instead of baseball, so I never actually got the opportunity to have my own walk up song.

I feel like I still need one though. I hadn’t thought about what I would use as a walk up song since the NFL Draft last year where they let the players pick their personal music choice that played as they made their way up to the podium. I just remember the selections being TERRIBLE.

If you’re interested in a complete list of who used what song click the links below (via but be warned, because it’s all trash.

These choices all decent themes (Get Money! I’m so paid! I grinded hard! I made it!), but that’s not what makes a good walk up jam. A walkup is all about the beat. Nobody listens to lyrics, you need something that makes people stop and turn their head. You need something unique. You need something that people can vibe to. No intros or slow buildups, you need something that comes out of the gate fast as soon as you hit the play button.

Without further adieu, and after going through about 150 potential candidates, I have officially selected M.I.A.’s-Double Bubble Trouble as my Official Walk Up song. Now hit the music!!!!


This song has everything I was looking for. It leaks heat straight from the start: UHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (you’re in trouble)

I step up in da game and and I burst. dat. bubble.

My Walkup. The New Anthem. The Intro that will play from the rafters as Salsa makes his way to the stage as he accepts the award for 2016’s breakthrough blogger of the year. This song has it all: great beat, good lyrics, variety, obscurity, notoriety, and Impact. Sure it gets a little shitty at the end, but you usually only need a walkup for like 1:30 max, unless you’re a certified asshole.

When my name is called and this song starts playing, I want people asking “who’s that” and “what song is that??” while simultaneously screaming “UHHH OHHH! YOUR IN TROUBLE!” when I step up in the game.

What a find indeed.

PS- My #2 choice would be BlackMill- The Drift. Another choice from left field, but peasants be jammin’ to Meek Mill while bloggers vibe out to Blackmill aka that next level shit right here. Now push play on the video below and tell me you don’t start head-nodding almost immediately when that beat drops.

PPS- I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the best “background highlight reel song” of all time from 2SFH-Protectors of the Earth. They don’t want you to enjoy- so enjoy.



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