2015 Year in Review: A Look Back at the Blog

2015 was a hell of a year. A ton of blogs were written, and many hours were consumed bangin’ away at the keyboard for your entertainment. I thought it would be fun to go on a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the highlights, and my favorite posts from the past year here at our blog.

Before I begin, you can see a list of every post I’ve written here, so you can read through the headlines and see what appeals to you. There are some real gems in there. I’ve already recapped the year in sports for 2015, so I’m going to focus on the non-sports related content for this post. Lets do it.

From time to time, we did tributes to people, bands or other stuff here at the blog and here are the top tribute blogs from 2015:

  1. The Karl Malone Tribute
  2. Rachel Nichols Tribute
  3. Miller High Life Guy Tribute (RIP)
  4. Tribute to the Key Chain Bottle Opener
  5. The N.W.A. Tribute
  6. Adam Sandler Tribute
  7. Tribute to the American Flag Bikini
  8. Cara Delevingne Tribute
  9. Charlotte McKinney Tribute
  10. Villanova Piccolo Player Tribute
  11. The John Smoltz Tribute
  12. The Blink 182 Tribute

Occasionally, we like to make lists and rank stuff. Here are the best and most interesting lists from 2015:

  1. Ranking the Best “Kids Sports Movies” of the Mid 90’s
  2. Ranking the Best Items from Shark Tank
  3. Ranking Apple’s New emoji’s
  4. Ranking the Top 16 Shows on Netflix by Myself, and the Experts
  5. Ranking the Best Christmas Movies (Mount Rushmore)
  6. Ranking the Biggest Hardo’s in the NFL (Mount Rushmore)
  7. Ranking the best shows on Television Part 1
  8. Ranking the best shows on Television Part 2

We also keep an eye on the next big things and trends in entertainment. Here are my top “come up” blogs of 2015.

  1. The Rise of “Lil Dickey”
  2. The Rise of Kendra Sunderland
  3. The Rise of #VanLife
  4. The Rise of “Cookout” Burger Chain
  5. The Birth of “Joey Bootstraps”

We also dipped our toes into the world of radio and podcasting. Here are some of the audio blogs from 2015:

  1. Salsa Radio as Arrived
  2. The World Premier of DJ Salsa
  3. My Thoughts on Mark Richt/ Jacob Eason/ UGA football

We explored some random questions and dug deep for the answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you a Halloween Person?
  2. Are you a Podcast Person?
  3. How do Shitty Movies Get the Green Light?
  4. What’s the proper way to put mustard on your Hotdog?
  5. Which Cologne Should I Get?
  6. Is Wearing this Hat in Public Ever Acceptable?
  7. Do you care about Women’s World Cup Soccer?
  8. Who’s handwriting is better: Mine or A-Rod’s?
  9. Do you watch SNL?
  10. Did you know you can register your property as a “No Drone Zone”?
  11. Can Someone Explain Mia Khalifa to Me?
  12. Did you know NBC’s Brian Williams has a Hot Daughter?
  13. What is the Cast of ‘Saved By the Bell’ Doing Today?

We did our best to offer some advice to the average Joe.  Here are some of the most popular topics we discussed 2015.

  1. The Perfect “First Date” Suggestion
  2. A+ Pickup Lines and How to Initiate Conversation at the Bar
  3. How to Determine if You Should Attend a Wedding
  4. How to Grill the Proper Steak (as a man you should know)
  5. Things You Should Carry Every Day
  6. Great Gift Ideas for Birthdays/Holidays/etc.
  7. Every Coffee Mug a Man Should Own.
  8. How to Dominate Jury Duty
  9. Don’t Bring Your Own Pool Stick to the Bar
  10. Don’t Buy an Apple Watch

I like food, so I wrote a bunch of food blogs.

  1. The Best Food in the MLB this Season 
  2. Bacon Crust Pizza has Arrived
  3. Beer For Fallen Heros is Awesome
  4. Chipotle is Overrated.
  5. Burrito Vending Machines Exist
  6. The Suishi Burrito Exists
  7. The “New Age Coke Machines” are an Abortion
  8. (Dude Recipe) Beer Can Chicken
  9. (Dude Recipe) 8 Layer Party Dip

Finally, My best Ideas from 2015:

  1. Blog to Book .com
  2. MLB Amateur Silmulcast
  3. Airport Strip Clubs
  4. Netflix Dating Service
  5. The Toilet Desk
  6. Phony Yelp! Review Company
  7. Tweet-On-A-Tee
  8. A Fitness App that Insults the Shit out of You

Last But Not Least, We designed some shirts. Here are the top 5 designs from 2015.

  1. Thug Life/ Blog Life Black ShirtBlog Life shirt template
  2. Alternate Blog Life shirtBlog Life red black template
  3. Braves Chirp Crew Shirtchirp crew T-Shirt
  4. Joey Bootstraps ShirtJoey Bootstraps T-Shirt
  5. Salsa Signature Series: Logo Teelogo slogan tee

Here’s to 2016.


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