A few words on Peyton Manning

manning is a tool

He’s guilty.

That’s basically it. He used HGH. He cheated. Do I care? No.

Does anyone else care? Not really- but it’s still a HUGE story that’s getting NO coverage.

Why hasn’t ESPN reported on this story? They’re clearly burying this story, and it’s likely because the NFL doesn’t want any more bad publicity right now. This is my biggest issue with the big media companies today. I listened to a bunch of Podcasts from different sources, and the company lines have been remarkably consistent: “We tend to believe Peyton Manning“-Get the hell out of here with that garbage fence sitting statement. It’s like the NFL sent out a mass email to all the major media outlets asking to not comment on the story one way or another.Tend to believe is so weak. He’s found guilty: you’re right. He’s exonerated: you’re right. I just want someone to take a side, so I spent a majority of the past few days seeking out someone, anyone to make a hard stand on the issue, and I couldn’t find one. It’s unbelievable how soft the big sports networks have become, and it’s pathetic that blogs, twitter, and other weird sites are crushing ESPN, Fox Sports, and all the others.

Anyone with a brain knows Peyton’s guilty, but ESPN continues to hide behind the wall by not taking a side, and ignoring the story as much as possible. It’s enraging as a consumer, because they’re just blatantly being  biased with their reporting (or lack thereof), and expecting it to go away.  It gets insulting when one of the 5 biggest names in the biggest sport on the planet cheating and you don’t seem to hear a word about it anywhere. You literally have to seek out information on this story, and the only sites keeping you updated are blogs, and random entertainment sites. It’s surreal. This is why sports blogs are taking over the national media, because they’re fast, they’re real, and more often than not- they’re pretty accurate (despite what the bigger companies try to make you believe). Major sports outlets are finding any and every reason to gloss over this story and it’s fucking pathetic.


I don’t like Peyton. I think he’s an absolute clown who’s only concerned about his good guy image. He’s the “aww shucks” dad, who wears funny clothes and says funny things like “slapstick” (which he used about 5 times in a 3 minute interview describing his HGH accuser, Charlie Sly, to ESPN).

The photo of him in the pool/ hot tub with his helmet on, looking at an iPad is what ultimately led me to hate Peyton for good. That may sound silly, but this guy is so concerned with his image that he leaks dumbass pictures like this to show the world ‘how hard he’s working’ to  get better.

“Hey Knowshon, take a quick pic of me in my helmet while I’m studying!” What a joke.

PS- Haven’t dropped a Salsa Guarantee in a while, so here’s a new one. Peyton will play his last season next year as a member of the Houston Texans, but will suffer a career ending injury at some point during the season. Then we’ll have to watch is dumb ass try and be an analyst on Fox for
2-3 years after that. Ain’t looking forward to it. ::long sigh::Salas Guarantee

PSS- If I’m the one asking the questions, It’s pretty simple what to ask:

  • Did your wife undergo HGH treatment?
  • Did she have a legitimate medical reason to do so?
  • Was HGH shipped directly to your residence?
  • Do you really expect us to believe that the HGH was for your wife?
  • Do you think it is odd that you couldn’t even throw a dart, yet after you underwent these non-conventional treatments you were able to have one of your best seasons ever?
  • Are you a cheater?
  • Did your wife cover up your cheating?
  • Can we have access to your cell phone records?

Unfortunately, we’ll never see that line of questioning in today’s media (and if you chirp at me about HIPPA laws, kindly go kill yourself).



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