BREAKING: PWagon Retirement Statement

Humble readers,

It is with deep regret that I post this blog. Effective at midnight on 1/5 in the year of our Lord 2016, I will no longer be a blogger. I have had my fun in the blog game but can no longer continue. My 5 blogs will go down in history as the most underwhelming experience ever, thank you for those who read them.

Thank you to Salsa for allowing me to write occassionally and for allowing me to start a twitter account piggybacking off this website. With the entry of mediocre blogs into the blog game, I can no longer continue to write something that is considered in the same ilk as some of our competitors.

I leave you with this. It was never my intention to become a blogger. This was my gateway and outlet for when my soul was being crushed. I have enjoyed every second of my time here but will now be taking my talents to twitter. Follow me


Also, never read the cakehouse blog. They’re wack.

Warmest regards,




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