Turn Out the Lights…

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Football season is done.

The Falcons are Done.

My Fantasy team is Done.

Winter is coming.

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I know I’ve bitched about being a hopeless Atlanta fan before, but this time of the year is always guaranteed a few extra days of disappointment:

  1. The day the Falcons are eliminated from the playoffs, and
  2. the day you’re eliminated from any fantasy championship aspirations.

This year, both those occasions have landed on the same day… and that would be today.

charlie brown sad.png

The Falcons may be the worst team in football right now. I’m not kidding either. They just got blanked 38-0 against the Carolina Panthers, and their season is now officially over. I sent this picture below to a group of my friends during the massacre this afternoon. Do you remember when the Falcons were 5-0 back in mid-October?

falcons blow ass.png


In week 6, the Falcons were the rated the 3rd best team in the NFL on ESPN’s Power Rankings. That was almost 2 moths ago, and it’s amazing how much can change so quickly. I knew we were a semi-fraud team at that time, but there was no way in hell that I thought we’d miss the playoffs this year. Since our hot start, we can’t seem to do anything right on both sides of the ball. It’s downright offensive to watch. Matt Ryan just stinks now. He’s making terrible reads, and throwing interceptions that are absolutely inexcusable. The de-evolution of the Falcons (losing 7 of the last 8) has been bizarre to watch because Matty Ice has been a solid, pro-bowl caliber QB for the past 7-8 years in ATL. It’s baffling.

The Fox announcers were even piling on the Falcons during the game today, by saying they “didn’t show up” and “had no heart or will to win”. It’s been brutal. Our coach Dan Quinn needs the boot. I’d almost say we need to bench Matt Ryan to send the message that his recent performance is unacceptable.  We have one of the best (if not the best) WR in the game in Julio Jones, and we refuse to use him effectively by taking the top off the defense. Oh and by the way, our defense has more holes than Swiss cheese. These are dark days in the A.T.L. indeed.

no fantasy ring

The icing on this shit-cake of a day is that my fantasy team also suffered a brutal loss. I’ll spare you the details because you don’t give a fuck, but I got beat today (in the playoffs) by a far less superior team after a very solid fantasy effort this season, so I missed out on a big time payday. Anyone who’s been in my position knows how frustrating it can be to have such a good year come to an end when one bad week flushes all your hard work down the drain. Cock-tease city.

At least I have the Atlanta Hawks. What’s that? They’re 10th in the East right now? Nevermind then.

At least I have the Braves. What’s that? They were the 2nd worst team in baseball and dumped their entire roster for prospects due up in 2017? Oh OK- Nevermind then.

But you know what??

There is one thing I will have (hopefully-fingers crossed). The high school quarterback named Jacob Eason who’s been vigorously recruited by the entire State of Georgia and the rest of the Bulldog Nation over the past year. I’ve blogged about it already, but If we land that 5 Star recruit, UGA football will be in contention for a national championship for at least the next three years. We still need to officially sign him and get him enrolled, but word around Athens, GA is that Jason Eason will announce his final decision in the next few days, and all indications are that he’ll be a Dawg. I can’t wait to watch that dude chuck darts between the hedges in Sanford Stadium next fall. That little glimmer of hope is all all that’s keeping me going during this brutal stretch of sports . Don’t let us down Jacob. The entire state will be resting on your skinny ass shoulders come this time next year.


PS- I fully intend to be revisit this blog exactly one year from today as the SEC Champions waiting for our chance to prove ourselves in the 4-team playoff next year. Phone reminder set. Now we wait…

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