Every Mug a Man should own.

I’m a coffee guy in the morning and a tea guy in the evenings.

When your drinking this many hot beverages on the daily, you absolutely need to have a strong collection of Mugs. One for every occasion.

It has been brought to my attention that many other people don’t have a strong mug game, so I’m here as an expert to coach you through every mug you’ll need to fill out your cabinet. Follow this blueprint and you’ll be all set.

2015-12-07 10.08.34

First up we have the “plastic tall boy” (with handle) for travel. This mug is versatile as hell. It’s plastic, so the outside doesn’t heat up, and the best feature of this bad boy is that it has an open space at the bottom of the handle so it fits in a cup holder if need be.

2015-12-07 10.08.58

Next up we have the “ceramic tall boy” (20 oz). This is when your going to be drinking at home and you’re extra thirsty. This is one of my main go-to mugs for tea. It’s important to have a good mix of standard 16oz mugs and 20oz tallboys in your collection.

2015-12-07 10.09.20

Next up we have “Old Faithful”. Everyone has favorites, and old faithful is mine. This is a classic 16 oz mug with no bells or whistles. Just your basic mug that keeps stuff hot and doesn’t get too hot on itself. This is probably the most used mug that I have.

2015-12-07 10.09.41

The “Gameday Mug”. Everyone needs a mug for special occasions, and this is mine. Every Saturday during the football season I’m drinking out of this mug. I think I got this at a gift exchange from like 5 years ago, and it remains one of my favorite mugs.

2015-12-07 10.09.58

The “classic metal travel cup”. This is the mug that you use when you’re going into the office, or heading to a meeting, or are dressed in something nice that you absolutely can’t spill. This does keep your coffee hot for a long time, but I always felt like the metal took away from the integrity of the coffee. Coffee always tastes a little off when drinking out of this thing. Still a must have for every collection.

2015-12-07 10.10.16

The “thick plastic grip cup”. This is prob one of my least favorite mugs in my collection. I appreciate the fact that you’ll never burn you hand on this mug, but I like having a handle on my mugs, and this has none. If your new to the mug game, I’d skip this one for a while. It’s not needed.

2015-12-07 10.10.35

The “Souvenir mug”. I got this visiting the first Starbucks when I was in Seattle last summer. Hell of a trip, and a hell of a mug. I figured, who makes a better mug than the biggest coffee company in the world??? I wasn’t wrong, because this mug is awesome. Classic and reliable, I just wish it was a tad bit bigger, but that’s just me.

2015-12-07 10.10.58

The “Novelty Mug”. This mug takes me back to my roots and reminds me of the days of Mario…on Nintendo. This pipe mug is one of my favorites, but it’s a weird one because it weighs so much and it’s difficult to use. Every collection needs at least one Novelty mug to show some personality. Side note: I used to have a mug that said “coffee makes me poop” but someone took it from me and never gave it back. RIP

2015-12-07 10.11.40

The “lender mug”. This is the mug that I let guests use. That way if they walk off with it, I’m not upset that it’s gone. It’s pretty much a cheap piece of shit mug (which always overheats) that you can find at your local Target.

Whats that  you say? You want me to rank them? Okay. You got it.

  1. Old faithful
  2. Souvenir mug
  3. Game Day Mug
  4. Ceramic Tall boy
  5. plastic Tall boy (with handle)
  6. Novelty mug
  7. Plastic Grip Cup
  8. lender mug
  9. Metal Travel cup

Now get out there and make your cabinet great again.


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