UGA and the Jacob Eason Saga is Fascinating to Watch Develop

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Jacob Eason is the #1 ranked High School QB in the nation, and he’s been committed to UGA since the Summer of 2014. He says he’s a dawg at heart and he’s “committed to the G”, but he’s been back tracking like a mother fucker in the past week or so.

He and Mark Richt are extremely close.

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Mark Richt just got fired from UGA and was hired yesterday as the Head Coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

Now the questions if you’re Jacob Eason become:

  1. Do you honor your commitment to the Dawgs?

  2. Do you follow Coach Richt to Miami?

Two days ago, Eason sent shockwaves through bulldog nation when he announced that he’d be taking an official visit to our biggest rival Florida. That’s the first time he’s ever wavered from his commitment to UGA which was almost a year and a half ago.

Yesterday evening, Richt was officially announced at Miami, and the speculation about Eason started almost immediately.

My prediction is that Jacob Eason will be a Miami Hurricane.

It sucks, but it’s what’s going to happen. The message boards will tell you that there’s “no shot” or like a 1% chance that Eason flips, but I think there’s a much higher chance he follows Richt than people believe.

Here’s the basis for my theory:

  • Richt and Eason are extremely close
  • Their families are extremely close
  • They are both “god people”
  • Richt was a QB
  • Eason is a QB
  • Eason’s dad wanted him to be coached by a QB
  • Eason fits Richts scheme well
  • Uncertainty at UGA with new staff (OC, DC)
  • Kirby Smart is a Defensive Minded Head Coach
  • UGA is in a tougher Conference/ DivisionĀ to win than MIA
  • According to rumors, Richt knew his job was in big trouble after the Oct. 31st loss to FLA, so he visited Eason in WAĀ 2 weeks later to “save his job” but moreso to sure up the fact that they were still together. On that trip Richt flew commercial,Ā so the trip wasn’t arranged by the athletic boosters or staff.
  • Eason “liked” a pic on Twitter congratulating Richt at Miami as soon as he was hired. Eason has been very quiet and calculated on social media since everything started. I put a lot of stock in teens and their social media accounts.

I detailed everything from start to finish in this quick Podcast (the Eason Stuff Starts at 1:32 mark, but I just wanted to get this in writing before it inevitably goes down in a couple days. Follow my twitter @salsastoolie for the latest developments in this soap opera.


PS- If you have any doubt in this kid’s ability, watch his highlight tape. Whoever gets him will be an instantĀ National Championship contender.





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