Richt Fired at UGA. What’s next?


I’m a UGA die hard, and I’m pretty plugged into the football program. I don’t blog about them much, because I know many readers don’t care, but today we’re all over the National Sports Media with our firing of Head Coach Mark Richt yesterday. This moring, USC named Clay Helton as their head coach, which leaves UGA as the #1 coaching vacancy in the nation. Here’s a quick read of what you need to know now that Richt is finally gone.


What will happen? kirby.jpg

Word on the street is that we are already in talks with Kirby Smart, and he will likely be our next Head Coach. (90% chance of happening). The real question is who he hires as the new Offensive Coordinator (Schottenhimer is a dead man walking at this point)

What the players want:

Many players tweeted support for Georgia Defensive Cpruitt.jpgoordinator Jeremy Pruitt to stay on with the team (unlikely he stays). He won’t
be a head coach at UGA and he’ll have a lot of other opportunities,  but hopefully he’ll stay because he’s been solid this year.

Current Hiccups: 

Kirby Smart would likely want D.C. Will Muschamp on his staff. Georgia boosters, players, higher-ups want to keep Pruitt on board.

What I want to happen:chip.jpg

The Philadelphia Eagles finish the season at 6-10 and Chip Kelly comes back to dominate college football in the SEC. (Actual chance of this happening 0.5%)

Where we’re at:

Almost exactly 24 hours after the news of Richt depature officially broke:

  • 90% chance it will be Kirby Smart (Currant Alabama DC)
  • 5% Chance it will be Tom Herman (Current Houston HC)
  • 5% chance it is the Field

And for all you Richt dick suckers out there who were “shocked” at the firing, consider this:

Richt has sent 79 players to the NFL. Only 4 other active coaches have even sent 60. All 4 of them have national titles. Richt could never win the big game even with top 5 recruiting classes in the Nation.

UGA has the 2nd best average recruiting class in the nation since 2002, resulting in a whopping 0 National Titles, and only 2 SEC Championships during that time.

Perhaps the most brutal stat is that since 2007, UGA is a pathetic 16-23 vs. ranked opponents. That just won’t get it done in Bulldog Country.

Richt is a good dude, but I won’t miss him one bit. On to better days.

sad richt.jpg




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