RIP Braves Pitcher, Tommy Hanson


This one hurts. 

It was reported yesterday that longtime Atlanta Braves pitcher, Tommy Hanson, was suffering organ failure at the young age of 29. This morning, the Braves Organization reported that Tommy passed away last night.

Absolutely crushing news. This guy was going to be the face of the franchise when he was coming up through the Braves system about 8 years ago. Unfortunately, he had constant issues with his shoulder during his entire career. He had multiple Tommy John surgeries, and was still able to go out and compete. Tommy was the definition of a class act and a great tom17teammate. Everyone in the clubhouse liked him, and he was just a really positive guy to be around.

This one hit me hard as an Atlanta Braves fan. I was actually fortunate enough to see his major league debut back in 2009 at Turner Field. I specifically remember sitting in the cheap seats up in the left field upper deck thinking “this is the guy that’s going to take us to a World Championship”. Obviously his career was hampered by injuries, but this guy had so much raw talent and it’s heartbreaking to see someone so young, go so soon.

It’s just another reminder to enjoy your life as much as possible, because nothing in life is guaranteed.

RIP Tommy.



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