Like it or not, Salsa Speaks is Now On Facebook.

social media


1st we were a blog that nobody knew about…

Then we got a twitter, and about 5 people found out about us….

Then we got a tumblr, and still only 5 people knew about us…

Then we went on our grind for the next year pumping out 150+ blogs and people started to take note. The blog got bigger, the voice got louder, the world began to listen.

…And for that, I thank you. I owe it all to you readers, and I appreciate each and every one of you. I really do.

With all this success, there’s always room to grow. I’m always looking for new eyes, new readers, new opinions, new opportunities, and new bloggers. Today, almost one year after starting the blog, we’ve finally joined the unstoppable juggernaut of social media: Facebook. That’s right, we’ve put up an Official Facebook Page.

woah gif

I’m not sure if it’s going to actually do anything, or how active I’ll be on there, but it’s just another medium to get the blog out to the masses. Why Facebook? Why Now? Facebook runs the God damn internet whether we like it or not. Everything flows through Facebook, and you’re doing yourself a dis-service if your not on there. So here we are.

we outchea gif

The truth is, is that I love blogging. Always have, always will. I’d blog if I had 0 readers. I’ve received¬†some really good feedback and I’ve met some really cool people through this blog, so I’d like to keep it going and keep it growing.

You can visit our brand new Official Facebook Page Here


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