I Need to Start Slingin’ Merch

I read this article this morning about a dude who made $2,000,000 plus buck slinging shitty t-shirts on a site called teespring.com

The basic idea behind the site is: you design a custom shirt, you market it, and if it sells, the site takes a percentage of the profits. It’s an interesting read if you have a few minutes. This dude was an early adopter, so he got rewarded before all the copycats came in and flooded the market.

I knew you could make some cash with some clever ideas and targeted marketing, but I had no clue t-shirt peddlers were coming up with that kind of coin. Shit, it may be time to enter the t-shirt game. After all, I’ve had ideas flowing out my asshole for months. If the Braves didn’t suck so much ass last year, I have no doubt that my custom Braves clothing line would have taken off. Only half kidding.

I just did a mock-up of two shirts myself. These were the first two design that popped into my skull. I must say, I’m pretty pleased with the results. The THUG LIFE/ Blog Life shirt at the bottom is just plain filthy. There’s nothing like that in the entire world, and I could sell the shit out of that shirt.

Blog Life is the only life I know. Here’s a sneak peak at my first two releases coming to my winter clothing line. Let me know what you think. Gotta go scrape.

Blog Life red black template Blog Life shirt template.


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