Apparently Jimmy Fallon Loves the Sauce: A Salsa Investigation

Well Jimmy done done it again. For the second time in a few months he’s broken his hand in an unidentified drinking accident. Yeah, yeah, whatever.



What I find fascinating is this comment left by an anonymous person over on an article at Barstool Sports.

Fallon Story

Context: “saw him do a show in college. Afterwords I was at a bar he was at and he ended up getting kicked out later for doing coke off a table in plain view. The next day several stories popped up about him going to frat and smashing their vacuum cleaner while pounding a bottle of Beam, making pizzas at the campus Domino’s and capping off the night by spending the night at a sorority”

In my opinion this story has way too many small details to be false. Smashing a vacuum in a frat? Why would someone make up such a random tale? One things for sure, if any of that shit happens this day in age, there’s gotta be some sort of internet paper trail. I think it’s time for another Salsa investigation, so I’m going to research these claims and see what I can dig up. If any of these stories turn out to be true, I’m going to accept the fact that this person is not lying and that Jimmy Fallon is a much cooler person than I’ve originally thought.

For this blog, we’ll be heading back to high school science class by implementing the Scientific Method.

Is Jimmy a cool guy?

IF there’s internet evidence of one or more of the commenter’s claims about Fallon, THEN Jimmy Fallon is actually a cool guy, and I’ll have more respect for him.

Independent Variable:
1.Jimmy Fallon Commenter Allegations

Dependent Variables:
1. Validity of claim (true or inconclusive)
2. Opinion of Jimmy Fallon (good or bad)

1. Google Jimmy Fallon kicked out coke.
2. Google Jimmy Fallon frat vacuum
3. Google Jimmy Fallon spends night sorority
4. Google Jimmy Fallon makes domino’s pizza
5. Draw Conclusion.

1. Nothing
2. Nada
3. Zilch
4. Zippo

After many Googles, I was unable to come up with any conclusive evidence that any of the commmenters allegations are true. So I guess that means Jimmy is still lame. That said, there’s a pretty good article you should check out on Fallon right here because it may change your opinion of the guy.


PS- One of my life goals is to be spoofed in South Park. When you’ve been featured there, you’ve officially made it.


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