Have you heard of Cook Out Burgers? It’s starting to blow up in the South…

cook out2

I took a little vacation to the shores of North Carolina about 2 weeks ago. Along the way, I stopped at a little unassuming burger spot called “Cook Out”. I’d actually never heard of it before going in. It turns out that Cook Out is a little up and coming burger chain that is predominantly located in the North and South Carolina regions. It’s quickly making it’s way into Georgia and other states in the Southeastern US. Here’s a quick peek at where you can find them right now:

cook out 6

I have no doubt that this place will become the In-N-Out of the South. It was awesome. They have one of the best deals I’ve ever seen for the quality food they provide at such a cheap price. Look at this deal!
cook out 5

Unreal deal. I had a big double burger with cheese, a chicken quesadilla, a bacon wrap, and a “fancy” shake for $6.50

It was literally cheaper than McDonalds and tasted just as good as Five Guys. The burger was a little smaller, and the fries weren’t as good, but the variety of other options (hush puppies, o-rings, chili, corndogs) is far superior to anything else out there.
cook out 3

Here’s why you should check out Cook Out:

  • It crushes Whataburger (which I think is wildly overrated)
  • It is half the price of Five Guys, and doesn’t have those dumbass coke machines.
  • It has 1,000,000 more options than In-N-Out and it’s the same price.

I’m a big time burger guy. In one of my very first blogs on this site I ranked the best burgers in the US, and I think it’s time for a little update to that list. If you find yourself traveling through an area that has one of these establishments, check it out and thank me later on twitter @salsastoolie.

cook out 7


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