Skarp Razor is suspended by KickStarter after raising more than 4 million dollars: Salsa Eats Crow

September 29th 2014:
“I can’t buy stock in these guys fast enough. Don’t let me down Skarp.”-Salsa

I always claimed to be a guy that could sniff out a good scam, but today I’ve been severely humbled. I’m eating a big ol slice of humble pie and it doesn’t taste very good.

Before we get into this, lets back track a little bit to get you up to speed on this Skarp Razor.

About two weeks ago, I wrote this glowing review of a revolutionary laser razor that was set to disrupt the entire shaving industry. Go back and check it out. Pretty cool right? I thought so. The razor went on to raise more than 4 million dollars in 2 weeks before KickStarter came in and promptly suspended the campaign because they didn’t have proof of a working prototype. That means everyone who backed the project will get a full refund and the project is cancelled forever.

Some dude on reddit with way too much time on his hands wrote this fascinating investigative post which called out all the flaws in the Skarp Razor. It does a great job explaining everything that was shady about the project. Shortly after his post started gaining attention the project was suspended and shut down on Kickstarter.

But guess what? The Skarp razor team just opened up a campaign on a similar ‘less-restrictive’ crowdfunding site called Indiegogo and people are still throwing money at them. How dumb is society today? “Oh that was a scam? Oh well, I still think it’s a cool idea- Here’s my money again!”


Now $300,000 ain’t no 4 mill… but money is money. That’ll still buy a few nice cars or boats for the Skarp crew to ride around in. It goes without saying, but if people are this brainless they deserve to be scammed out of their money.

I have officially ‘jumped the Skarp’ on funding any Kickstarter projects from here on out. High risk, low reward investments are not my cup o’ tea. Now cue the face Daymon, give me that face one more time!!



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