I’m all in on this new Skarp Laser Razor


I must admit that I am blown away by this new laser razor, and this thing looks like the real deal.

Check this out:

Apparently a lot of other people are impressed too. To date, it has already raised $1,500,000+ in funding and it’s just getting started. In the time it took me to write this blog, it raised another $100,000. That’s incredible.

You always hear about companies that want to “change the game”- and I truly believe that this company has the opportunity to do just that. If the product is well built, and works like they say it will- these things will absolutely cripple the current razor market.


The team behind this laser razor claims it leaves no scratches, no itch, no razor burn, no irritations, no cutting, and no irritation. Add that to the fact that you don’t need shaving cream, you wont need constant cartridge replacements, and it gives you the closest shave you can possibly get. That’s a winner all day every day every way.

Call me crazy, but I believe them. This is what the team looks like.


That’s important, because most of these Kickstarter projects are some young dweeb with a good idea, inferior product, and no idea how to actually run and scale a business. The guys behind this razor are old, they’re experts in their field, and they understand the business world.

Sure, the product may come out and it may be really shitty. There’s always a chance of that happening with Kickstarter projects, but if they do make this thing correctly- the sky is the limit for this company. Everyone on the planet uses razors in some way shape or form, and I could easily see this being a staple in everyone’s bathroom in just 3-5 years.

If I’m one of the big razor companies (Bic, Norelco, Braun, Gillette), or dollar shave club, I’m shitting in my pants right now, because the day of the personal laser razor is rapidly approaching with or without the Skarp razor leading the charge.

I can’t buy stock in these guys fast enough. Don’t let me down Skarp.


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