Will the Real Slim Salsa Please Speak Up?

Please speak up. Please speak up.

Over the weekend, one of my readers tweeted me this picture:

Whoa! Who is this “Salsa Boy” and why hasn’t he been on my radar since day 1?

This world can only handle one speaking Salsa, and I fully intend that to be me and only me. I ain’t about to let this mystery “Salsa boy” come in and ruin all the great things we’ve built here over the past 10 months together. Can’t do it, won’t do it.

Salsa boy or not, I need to find you. This blog ain’t big enough for the both of us.

On second thought, maybe I’ll just stay here. I just googled “who is salsa boy” and realized that he is indeed a football player for Georgia Southern University and he could easily pound me into the ground with two hands tied behind his back.

Introducing ‘Salsa Boy’:
salsa boy

Wow…Another Salsa from the Peach State?! What are the Odds of that?

All jokes aside, I’d actually like to do something in the future with this guy, because he seems like a regular dude just like me and you. Reading through some of his tweets shows that he’s a funny guy too. Part of his bio reads: ‘Money is the objective.’ I may have to steal that. Simple and true.

So let’s do this ‘Salsa Boy’:

If this blog ever gets back to you, please know that you’ll have an open invitation to come on and guest blog about whatever you want. Reach out to me on twitter @salsastoolie if you’re seriously interested in making this happen. I think it would be fun for the readers to get a double scoop of Salsa. If not, that’s cool too. Below are a few questions I have off the top of my head.

A couple questions for Salsa Boy:
1. How did you get the nickname “Salsa Boy”?
2. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever played against?
3. What’s your favorite iPhone app? Video Game?
4. What’s the funniest video/vine/gif you’ve ever seen?
5. What’s your intro/walk-up music song of choice?

PS- That chick holding up the sign in the picture- Feel free to slide into my DMs 😉


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