Why don’t Airport Strip Clubs Exist???

Go ahead and chalk this up as another million dollar idea from the Salsa Man.

How do Airport Strip Clubs not exist?

Mark my words, if Salsa ever hits it big, I would be doing everything in my power to make this dream of mine a reality. I’d start by putting these clubs in the 4 biggest airports in the US: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

This idea just seems like a no-brainer.

Most of the time, people are miserable in airports. I blogged about some reasons why last November.

Why not give these weary travelers a little place to “blow off” some steam?

Who typically does the most traveling? Business Men.

What do business men usually have? Money. (Corporate and personal funds)

Again, I feel like the idea is such a simple way to make a boatload of money while providing a great and convenient service to people all across the globe.

Steakhouse1I can see it now…

Now Open:

“The Landing Strip Steakhouse”Steakhouse2

(Did you catch the “Steakhouse” at first glance? No?? Okay good. This is just to fool your corporate payroll department when you fill out your expense reports. Don’t worry, Salsa’s got your back!)

Tagline: 3 hour layover at LAX? No worries! Just head over to concourse B and enjoy some double D’s with a glass of whisky neat…and if you’re feeling frisky just throw down some cash for a face full of dat ass!

hot chick gif3


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