College kids are using a new “X-Rated Snapchat” App called Yeti Campus Stories


Have you guys heard about this app yet? It’s been around for a few months. I stumbled across it by accident a while back when that Tennessee Vol press box chick went viral . (I can’t post the pic or this blog will get scrubbed, so Google “Tennessee vols girl pressbox” and thank me later.)

Apparently this Yeti app is catching fire across college campuses all across the land. I’ve been reading that it’s actually attracting venture capitalists who want to invest in this thing because it’s gotten so popular, so quickly, with such an important demographic.

Salas Guarantee

Quick word of advice to any of those guys thinking about investing in the Yeti app: Just don’t. Don’t do it. It’s a sucker play. It’s the equivalent of tossing bills into a fireplace. I guarantee this app will be dead on the vine in 18 months time. You can take that to the bank.

Sure, this app is whats hot in the internet streets right now, but as soon as it becomes more popular, it’s going to be facing tremendous pressure from all angles (advertisers, investors, universities, Apple) to clean it up or shut it down. It blows my mind that these people think they can actually scale an app based on x-rated content.  It’s a classic catch 22 of companies in this niche market-

Clean up content->Lose Market Differentiation->Lose Users->Lose Money->Lose Business

Don’t clean up content->Open yourself to Lawsuits->Lose App Store->Lose Users->Lose Money->Lose Business

From a business perspective, it’s the classic lose/lose scenario. So what do you do if you’re Yeti? You do a money grab. They’ve probably realized that they’re in trouble, so you do a temporary clean up to show potential investors that you’re heading the right direction, you raise as much money as possible as quickly as possible, and then you bail out. I’ve seen it time and time again.

The Yeti money grab is coming. I can feel it. I can guarantee you’ll see something in the news (in the next 12-24 weeks) about Yeti raising money along with some BS blurb about “how well they’re doing financially”.

Y’all remember that app called Wigo? The college party app that got a $14 million dollar valuation and was going to “revolutionize the college party scene” just 13 months ago? Oh you don’t remember them? That’s because they just folded faster than Doyle Brunson with 7 deuce off suit in the main event. Surprise! They burned through all their money and have closed their doors. Wigo is dead.

Yeti will suffer the same fate. Just you wait and see.

If you’re thinking about investing your money right now, look elsewhere. If you want some ideas, I blogged about where to invest a few months ago. All social media based ideas are a terrible place to sink your money right now. I was reading somewhere that at a recent event, where 200+ startup companies were funded, only 4 (out of 200) were social media based. That was eye opening for me. The reality is that nobody out there is creating the next Facebook or Twitter…hell Google couldn’t even do it. RIP google Buzz

But back to this Yeti app…

As a blogger/reporter/man of the people, I had to try this app out, so I downloaded it- looked at some of the pictures…and deleted that garbage after about 10 minutes. Didn’t need it.

The app itself is basically a group of public photo galleries arranged by different colleges (they currently have about 20 colleges to look through). Each college has their own gallery where anyone can view or post a photo. I guess the concept of the app is good, but the users and lack of moderation completely ruin it.

The app boasts about showing the real side of college (X-Rated!), but in reality, it’s a bunch of losers and druggies taking pictures of cats, dogs, tattoos, drugs, and bongs. Every other picture was either a selfie or a creepy pic of someone on a bench with the caption “Netflix and chill?” which is apparently what the kids are doing nowadays. It’s great for wasting time and that’s about it. You’ll see the occasional cute girl, but one chick in every 50 pictures is not enough to keep me coming back for more. Perhaps the cleanup that I mentioned earlier in this blog has already begun.

It’ll be fun to watch this company and its investors crash and burn over the next few months.

PS- It did get me thinking though- Using this app made me reminisce about the 2005-2006 Facebook days when it was like the wild fucking west of the internet. Back then, adults hadn’t even heard the word ‘Facebook’ and you still needed a .edu email to join it. Back then, there were tons and tons of ridiculously incriminating pictures uploaded daily, and it was awesome. Those days are gone forever but never forgotten.


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