$1,000,000 idea: Blog to Book (dot) Com

trash canThe truth is, I love to blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing an actual book for the past year or so. Eventually, I started writing my book but stopped after a while because I asked myself, “who’s actually going to read this?” My problem was that the idea for my book wasn’t specific enough and I also didn’t really have a target audience, so it would have been a waste of time to continue writing it.

It may come as a surprise to you, but I actually read a lot of books. I just happen to live right behind a used bookstore and an awesome Chinese food place, so I’ll hop over to the bookstore and grab a random book while I wait for my wonton soup. In my time, I’ve read a ton of shitty books. When I get to then end of a bad book, I think to myself “I could write something much more entertaining than that!”

brad not a great book

That was the initial inspiration of me trying to become an actual published author instead of just a minor league blogger.

So, I had this idea: What if I could turn my blog into a book? It already had different categories (left menu bar) and you could segment those into different chapters. The problem with converting a blog to a book, is that there are so many links, pictures, videos, and music incorporated into blogs that it doesn’t translate well to paper. The unique part of my idea would be to set up a simple ‘blog-like’ website with a writing template that only allows you to use things that are convertible to text and pictures. Anything that couldn’t be published, like YouTube videos, wouldn’t be able to be used in this template. Once you are finished writing, everything can be easily converted to a book (soft or hardback), with the click of a button.

I’d call the company Blog to Book (dot) Com: “Turning the Average Joe into a Published Pro”

Blog to book (dot) com would be the most efficient way for anyone to become an established author, without having to deal with the hassle of publishing companies. Everyone has so much knowledge and so much expertise in their field of work, but they may not have the ability to get their ideas and thoughts out to the masses. Blog to book (dot) com would solve that that problem for everyone by providing a simple platform for worldwide distribution.

When you tell people you’re a blogger, they laugh, assume you’re poor and take pity on you while they dismissively change the conversation to what they do. .

When you tell people you’re a writer/author, they’re impressed, and they’ll usually follow up with the question: “what do you write about”- if you have a published book, you can say, ” I write about _______ and its actually on Amazon right now. You should check it out.”

PS- Yes I realize that the actual site blogtobook.com is currently some foreign site.There’s no reason I couldn’t call this idea something else like ‘blog to bookshelf’ or ‘blog to bookstore’ or ‘blogger to author’ etc. #ideasfordays

boo yah

PPS- This is just the latest and greatest idea I’ve cooked up. If you thirsty readers want more of my explosively creative mind– Feel free to check out my other innovative concepts just sitting out there waiting for someone to build them into the next Uber/ AirB&B

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