Another Million Dollar Idea: A Yelp Review Company

This is just another chapter in my ongoing series of potentially Million Dollar Ideas:Below are a few of my past chapters

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  2. Tweet on a Tee
  3. The Toilet Desk
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“Making your Business Sound Great Again”

The Inspiration: I don’t actively write yelp reviews, but i do read the shit out of them. They tell me where I need to go and what i need to eat when i’m visiting a foreign city. As a guy who travels a lot, I put a lot of stock in the reviews of the common folk. I trust the shit out of them. I won’t eat at a place if they have lower than 3/5 stars because It’s not worth the money, time, or hassle.

I’ve had this idea for a long time, but I was just thinking about it the other day when someone mentioned that all the reviews on IMDB are paid for and manipulated by the big movie companies. I’m not entirely sure about the validity of that claim, but I believe it.

My Idea is a simple one.

Compile a team of 30-50 people across the country to do really positive yelp reviews of restaurants and businesses. College kids, local people, friends, whoever. Just make sure that they’re reliable. Pay them a couple bucks per review.

Market the company to struggling business to boost their social media presence by providing a bunch of bullshit positive reviews.

It sounds simple, but it would present some logistical challenges. Just off the top of my head here are a few:

  1. You couldn’t just leave a chunk of reviews all at once or they’d get scrubbed, flagged, and the accounts would be suspended, so you ‘d have to design a system that allows you to space out the reviews over a period of time, so it wouldn’t raise any red flags.
  2. Location may be an issue. If its a small business in Atlanta, it wouldn’t make sense that a lot of people from all over the country are coming to this mom and pop doughnut shop. You’d have to find a way to find some local people.
  3. There’s obviously a lot more challenges many of which revolve around the ethics/legality of it all, but i won’t bore you by typing them out because it’s 1:00 am and I need to go to sleep.

I’m pretty there are companies out there that already do this type of thing, but I’ve never heard of them. If so,I’d be real interested to see their business model, and even more intrigued to see their financial statements. Feel free to tell me I’m a moron on twitter @SalsaStoolie (if you email me I won’t read it)

salsas yelp review company


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