How do shitty movies get the Green Light?

So this question has been bothering me for a while now- How the fuck do absolutely dog shit movies get the Green Light in Hollywood??

I’m referring to the piece of shit movie that is “American Ultra”. I wanted to vomit when I saw the preview for it a few months back. This was a 100% guaranteed failure from the jump.

Here’s why:
This stupid fucking guy is not a star.
facebook guy
He’ll always be the nerd from the Facebook movie who played Mark Z. That’s the only type of role this weirdo should ever play.

This bitch is also not a star.
twilight girl
Smile for me one time ya grump. Absolutely can’t stand this no-talent broad, whose only famous for her twilight movies.

Having those two idiots play leading roles is a fucking abomination of the worst kind. I really want to know who makes those final decisions. Is it the director? the writer? I don’t know, but whoever decided to cast these two bozos for leading roles should be blackballed from Hollywood.

“Yo you seen dat new Jesse Eisenberg movie? shit was DOPE”
–No one

Anyone with two eyes and two ears knew that this movie would be an absolute flop from the get go, yet Hollywood still put it out there. Why do they do this to us? Do they think we’re this dumb? Do they believe that stoners will just pay for any piece of shit they throw out there? Apparently they do, because they spent about $12 million to make this flick. Let that sink in for a second. Hollywood gave a $12 million dollar budget to a script written by guy who’s Twitter timeline looks like he just took 3 too many hits of acid.

And guess what happened? IT BOMBED. It made a pitiful $5.4 mill on it’s opening weekend.
Shocker, I know.
Even the movie’s writer was surprised:

What a joke. What world is this guy living in?

I will say this though- Even though the guy seems like absolute loser-who tweets things like:

I have to give him credit for making a big stink on twitter after the movie absolutely bombed on it’s debut weekend. What he did, is called “changing the narrative”, which he accomplished by asking the question: Is originality in Hollywood motion pictures dead?

So instead of headlines on the internet just reading: “American Ultra” Flops

…They now read: “American Ultra’s” writer goes on twitter rant about originality the movie industry.

Savvy savvy move by Max here, and I can’t hate on that one bit. Great PR, great marketing and A+ job by him. His name is out there, and they’re attacking him instead of his shitty movie. No publicity is bad publicity so props to you on that one Max.

The bottom line is that you had shitty actors, a shitty trailer, shitty marketing, and a pretty shitty overall concept, so you reap what you sow. Garbage in garbage out bro.


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